Johnny Camino Collection

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DescriptionHere you have a pack with the 3 scenes of Johnny Camino.

Friendly Fuckers was there when 19 year old, Johnny Camino, with his smoldering dark boyish good looks, walked in and found his roommate, 20 year old Fred Ortega, napping in his tighty whiteys on the couch. From the look of the stretched pouch, Fred must have been having an interesting dream, that was about to become a reality. Johnny sat down next to him, planted a kiss to wake the sleeping beauty, who immediately proceeded to haul out Johnny's fat, uncut cock and sucked royally. Then it was Johnny's turn to play sword swallower, before he was ready to take his turn as ass wrecker. With Fred on his back, Johnny plunged his thick shaft, balls deep, in Fred's hole like a jack hammer, until Fred briefly took control and rode the pole till Johnny's point of no return. Johnny Stood over Fred and proceeded to heap a massive facial on Fred's cheeks that dripped off onto his chest like a melting glacier, before Johnny sat down next to him and they kissed while Fred exploded all over his thigh. Well done, boyz! Wonder what will happen when the other roomie gets home? Stay Tuned!

Friendly Fuckers
The cameras were there to catch the waking moments of 19 year old lovers Johnny Camino & Jim Belson as they enjoyed another morning together in their dorm bed after a long summer apart. Jim awoke spooned up to Johnny & they immediately turned to each other and devoured each other's tongues while fishing twin uncut throbbing cocks out of their briefs. Jim engulfed Johnny cock down to his balls until Johnny needed a taste test of his own. Resuming their kissing for a few passionate moments until Jim turned onto his stomach and Johnny climbed on top and proceeded to give Jim's tight, beckoning dicking it craved. They next rolled over onto their sides for an even deeper pounding, until Johnny shot his load over Jim's freshly fucked hole and then Jim worked out a massive load of his own.

Boi, Oh Boi!
With his beautiful face, pouty lips and delicious smooth 19 year old body, Andi Gershon lies on the couch like sleeping beauty. As Johnny Camino passed through the room, Andi¬ís charms stopped him dead in his tracks, he knelt next to him for a closer look when Andi woke an immediately grabbed Johnny and got him in a lip lock ¬Ė which quickly moved south as he undressed Johnny and swallowed Johnny¬ís big, hard, leaking dick. As Andi continued to play the human Hoover vacuum, Johnny got Andi¬ís pants and underwear off before flipping Andi onto his knees on the couch and mounting in record time, stopping only so Andi could take a furious ride on that bone. After a pounding that left them both covered in sweat, Johnny grabbed one of Andi¬ís legs to open his up for a pile drive to the finish line that left both covered in jizz¬Öand big, big smiles, Boi oh Boi indeed!
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