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Description Ah, the lovely summery feeling of a cool glass of 'Lemonade.' You know, that's about the best way to describe a Bel Ami movie and I'm so glad they got around to using the title. To me, lemonade brings up feelings of freshness and comfort, a quick tang replaced by sweetness, sunshine dripping everywhere. You know the feeling? No? Watch this movie and you won't need the beverage.

Does it get more idyllic than blond hunk Dolph Lambert and gorgeous brunet Brandon Manilow having breakfast outside, wearing just shorts? I don't think so, but the two have some plot bickering and even news to read (with easing of visa restrictions, Dolph wants to work at Falcon), but eventually Dolph scoots over to a canopy-enclosed bed and teases with a banana. Brandon can't resist and soon they are kissing while their uncut cocks grow. Brandon sucks first, going all sensual and slow as he wraps his face around Dolph's extra-thick dick. Then it's Dolph's turn to orally impress, and he does, handling a good portion of Brandon's gigantic piece. Brandon cums in Dolph's mouth and then turns his partner around so Dolph can take a fuck from behind, at his own request. The two kiss lots as Brandon digs into Dolph, leading with his muscular core. From there, Dolph goes upside down so Brandon can plug him from above, a tough position that looks heavenly with these guys. There isn't a position they forget during their wonderful time together, which is still glowing and loving when both shoot.

What would an Eastern European twinkfest be without a scene that didn't start with a bit of soccer play? Impossible! Baby-faced Paul Valery kicks it around with tall blond Ollie Safranov, and thankfully their shirts last only seconds. Both are thin, but oh-so cute! Paul stops, saying he's "pooped" and needs some rest, which means sex as he starts pawing at Ollie. There is a deserted house nearby, so they retire there so Ollie can pop out Paul's unbelievably massive cock and attempt to suck it. It's a tough chore, no doubt, but Ollie has spunk, not to mention a helpful hand. Ollie keeps pumping the monster until it releases a clot of cum onto his tongue (which he shares with Paul in a kiss). Paul, always an ace sucker, blows Ollie with grand spirit, stretching his mouth wide to take almost all Ollie has to offer. His sprightly sucking is also rewarded with a blast down the gullet. Fucktime finds Ollie sitting on Paul to ride, a brave position, and one he actually masters, right down to the base. Not only can he take it all, he can do it with terrific speed, clearly impressing Paul, who isn't used to bottoms so accommodating! Paul replaces Ollie's power-riding with an equally potent stand-up fuck, finding Ollie's hole just as accepting. That's all Paul needs to pull out and cum.

We meet our next duo a they drift around a lake in a speedboat. Tobias Hayek has long dark hair and a delightful smile, while Troy Allen sports a mass of blond curls. Despite tons of people also enjoying the lake, Tobias and Troy hop in naked and flounce around, but leave the boat and head to the shore for some privacy (though there are an awful lot of cows on this beach). By a picturesque fallen tree, the two beauties make out. Troy, his hair now dry and back to high frizz, sucks Tobias' ramrod straight hardon, also doting on his balls. He's a playful oralist, never losing his sense of fun even when he's gulping deeply. This excellent blowjob earns a giant cum-shot from Tobias, who then bends over and slurps at Troy's impressive meat. Their chemistry adds so much vibrancy to the scene. Troy, revealing a six-pack to die for, uses it to fuck Tobias from behind. Though Tobias seems nervous, Troy slams through his tight hole with lots of force. He barely breaks a sweat, making such solid topping seem so natural. Troy only needs one position before he releases an enormous load into Tobias' waiting mouth.

The theme of summer lovin' keeps chugging along at a campfire where Jean-Claude Duvall and Justin Boyd are cooking. Jean-Claude is a smoldering dark-haired guy, a bit more rugged than his scene partner, luscious blond dreamboat Justin. They traipse deep into the woods and find the remote setting romantic enough for kissing. Justin, the aggressor, has his tongue down Jean-Claude's throat in no time, then moving it to Jean-Claude's chest and finally his dick. Here, his peppy persona has a great outlet. He's the type who smiles as he's sucking. It's a devoted and wet blowjob, with Justin making sure lots of noise helps keep it hot. An excitable blowjob like this should conclude in a hefty cum-shot, and it does! Now, with both guys finally naked, Jean-Claude licks up and down Justin's pole. He may not have Justin's spunk, but he's exceedingly focused. "Suck me like a lollipop," Justin commands. That may sound stupid, but when Justin says it, it's totally adorable. After Justin lets the spunk fly, he hastens to his back so Jean-Claude can fuck him. Justin beams as he's hammered by intense Jean-Claude. It may not be the movie's best topping, but it's unrelenting and Jean-Claude looks ravishing making Justin squirm. A doggy position allows Jean-Claude more flair, and they do it on a bright couch that has suddenly appeared in the middle of the forest. Jean-Claude plants a cum-shot on Justin's butt and they kiss until fade-out.

The final scene is a battle of the bottle blonds, youthful mop-topped Fabien Lally and tighter handsome Kevin Elola. They amble through the woods shirtless and naturally stop at a decrepit farmhouse teeming with hay. Kevin pours some of his soda on Fabien's cock and then sucks the uncut piece to full hardness. It's yet another eye-popping dick, so long, curvy and veined. But, spunky Kevin has a lively mouth and keeps Fabien moaning as he works his way around its head. Kevin's tongue can't wait to sop up the cum Fabien has for it. Kevin sits on the hay to revel in lust for Fabien's sucking. His whole body gyrates as he works on Kevin's fat dick. With a foot up on the bale, Kevin turns his ass to Fabien and gets fucked. Fabien has more oomph now that he's topping, but the two don't really have a huge connection. However, Kevin's whole body seems to quake when he's fucked on his back. Fabien pulls out doing Kevin sideways, cums and then patiently waits for Kevin to finish.

Starring Brandon Manilow, Dolph Lambert, Fabien Lally, Jean-Claude Duvall, Justin Boyd, Kevin Elola, Ollie Safranov, Paul Valery, Tobias Hayek and Troy Allen.
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