♺ GHETTO (Studio 2000, 2004)

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There’s trouble in the Barrio as hot Latino toughies and sexy white punk boys wage gang(bang) warfare in this muy caliente tour of interracial bridge-building by way of forced buggery.

Strolling cracker-jack Nick Young is confronted by the Latino tag-team of Studio 2000 exclusive Tico Martin and Felipe Carson. The two hombres accost Young and rough him up a little. (I highly doubt the unintentionally comical sight of fake blood here will be too graphic for your libido to handle.) Nick is forced into a dark warehouse where he’s spit-roasted orally and anally by the smooth and chiseled hoodlums’ large Latino cocks.

Across town in a public mens’ room, pale blonde sex puppy Tommy Brandt and bronzed Latino fuck hunk Rafael Carreras meet for a secret suck-and-fuck. Some slobbery sixty-nining and rimming on the tile floor leads to a proper ass-fuck as Tommy gets rammed by Raphael’s horse-sized cock, first propped up against the stall and then on the hard deck with legs splayed.

A group vanilla-on-caramel scenario follows, this time inside a gymnasium and featuring six muscular man-studs who get sweaty with a workout consisting of cock-tasting, ass-tonguing and hole-stuffing. The lusty ambassadors of the two rival gangs make their peace by having a piece of each other.

Elsewhere, unaware of the truce freshly struck in the gymnasium, yet another secretive white/Latino couple sneaks into a hotel for some intense reciprocal cock-sucking, ass-shellacking, finger probing and sphincter stretching. Firebox’d white boy Marco Paris scores the mightiest cumshot, which arcs clear over Latino bottom boy Sergio Anthony’s head. After this splattery display, Marco sticks his cock back inside Sergio’s unsated hole and drills him some more until the Spanish hottie lets loose with his own spurt of cream.

Short on plot, this all-sex excursion into the thrilling streets of the ghetto makes up for what it lacks in imagination with some truly delicious interracial man-on-man action – most notably in the orgy scene, in which the the action is man-on-man-on-man times two.

Camerawork, lighting and editing are as smooth as are most of these sculpted hunks, and if the acting is a bit rough and the simulated violence a tad laughable, at least these handsome, big-dicked jocks deliver the thrusty, pulsating, cum-spewing goods.

2004, 01h 27m 36s

Resolution: 512 X 384

Country:  US

Studio:  Studio 2000

Cast:  Tommy Brandt, Rafael Carreras, Tico Martin, Marco Paris, Dillon Press, Dante Foxx, Carlos Morales, Cameron Sage, Andrew Rubio, Kent Larson, Sergio Anthony, Nick Young, Felipe Carson

Director:  John Travis

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