♺ Bijou - Hooked on Hispanics #1

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-12-10 |
New York City is the location of this BIJOU VIDEO release of a Latino Fan Club production that features an all-Hispanic cast.
The story begins with news footage of drug busts showing Hispanic men under arrest. While this tape may not dent any myths or stereotypes, on purely sexual grounds it's a pleasant change from the overly smooth productions (and models) so common today, offering a rough-edged, homemade quality with a touch of humor. Foreskin abounds.
The majority of the video rakes place in a rehabilitation center called L.I.C.K.I.T. (Latinos in Crisis Keeping It Together). First, a man painting a room at the center jacks off.
Later, a black man and a husky Latino get it on, sucking cock singly and mutually. The black guy rakes a bronco ride on his Latin pal's lovepole (without a rubber). After an anti-drug lecture, a muscled man lifts weights and plays with himself.
Two more men have sex, exchange blow jobs, and then fuck butt. Another man (Kino) breaks the rules by lifting a joint from storage and joins a buddy in the break room for jack-off session with a girlie mag.
Then, doctor Gino Colbert comes in and "reprimands" them by sucking their cocks. This scene is remarkably arousing, as Gino swallows Kino's monstrously long dick and hungrily chews his foreskin. Even the security guards get in on the action here, jacking off and pulling their cockhoods while watching other men in the center whack themselves off.
Though the plot devices are silly and the production values are not the best, the sex is good, the men are gorgeous, and the oral sex is superb.
Orgasms are big and creamy too!
An extra-long tape, with a running time of 119 minutes.

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