♺ Man'sBest - Summer Dreams : Smiling Boys

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-05-19 |
Dir.:  Roman Hysek.  60 min. Euro twinks, bareback.


A group of friends goes down to the river to cool off in the heat of summer. They begin pairing off as they prepare to enter the cool river waters. The first pair includes a guy with very bushy hair. He and his friend wade into the waters and undress. They're European, so they're not the least bit shy, but after they're nude they find themselves attracted to each they and begin making out. One thing leads to another when young men start making out, so the short haired boy gets a little weak in the knees and drops his mouth down onto his bushy haired friend's cock.
We cut to the second pair of boys. One is tall and one is much shorter. They also start making out as they stand in the cool waters. The shorter one lowers his body and gives his friend some head. Then they stand and start jerking off, facing each other. But the shorter one drops back down, just in time to catch his friend's load.
Two more friends are stripping in the water. I guess the idea of keeping their clothes dry never occurred. It isn't long after they get naked that one has the other bent over a tree and is feeding him some good hard twink cock.
Another pair of friends has found a cool place in the shade to lie down and relax. However, once they get naked, you can guess what happens next. One friend grabs the other, lifts his legs high up and starts rimming and eating his ass. Fully lubed, the eater plunges all the way in and bangs his friend into submission.
The two friends finish fucking and the fucker gently licks his bottom's ass. The bottom then wants to get off too and jerks off as his top catches the load. Then the top cools them both off by sprinkling on his friend's chest and stomach.
Yet another pair of friend's are lying in the tall grass. One thing leads to another, to a blow job. They trade BJ's back and forth until both have eased their tensions.
The one lone guy who didn't have someone to pair off has been watching his friends and is totally worked up, so he drops his shorts and pounds his cock until he lets his load loose as well.

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