Scout Boys - Hands-On Scouting - TROOP TIME - Chapter 10 - Cole Blue, Jack Bailey and Jax Thirio (720p)

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Released: 4/Nov/2021

Scoutmaster Thirio is back. It seems that a single sip of the forbidden fruit has turned this well-mannered gentleman into a raging sex machine. He has heard the rumors about Cole and Jack. These two horny boys were caught with their pants down by most of the scout leaders in this troop. While the rest of the gang walked on the other side of the forest, Thirio encourages Cole and Jack to stay behind to hone their knot tying skills.

Of course, it doesn't take long for the sexy Scoutmaster to get them to hone an alternate set of skills ... the ones he thinks will serve them best! Thirio strips down and allows the two smooth Scouts to attend him hard. These boys know exactly what they are doing, and what's more, they are docile, lively, and eager to impress. Thirio slides his throbbing cock into Cole first. The handsome young batter shudders and grits his teeth as Thirio's giant meat begins to pound into his tight hole. The muscles in Thirio's beautifully sculpted body twitch and contract with each powerful thrust.

Then it is pretty boy Jack's turn to taste the powerful fuck of the Scoutmaster. He struggles initially to take Thirio's cock, but some quiet encouragement and a little deep breathing soon makes his hole open. Thirio is suddenly like a kid in a candy store as he pounds each boy with increasing force and speed, thrusting them in different contortions to satisfy his seemingly insatiable carnal desires. He eventually blows his giant load on Jack, pulling out and watching with pride as a line of spent semen oozes out of the boy's well-used hole.

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