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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-12-19 |

This is one seriously OLD MOVIE!

It is a compilation of film loops, originally sold for insane amounts of money for that day and now, say about $70.00 on up for a single reel!

The video tape release (1982) was undoubtedly years after the film releases that most likely sold to theaters in Hollywood, New York, etc.

The low resolution was typical of that era for Gay porn that came out in the early 1970s, probably at 15 frames per second given the cost of film back then.

For collectors of our older classic porn movies - which pretty much cover most of our filmed heritage - will find this one is a "must have".

Unlike modern videos of today, outstanding good looks, shaved crotches and chests, and the big dick requirement had not come into play, although the last one was still sought back then. (Some things never change!).

If you would like a little preview you may view my own creation, streamed from my own site here:

Info below, details in the NFO file (for the techies!).



Attitudes [Le Salon Video]




A compilation of 6 unrelated loops of an earlier date.

A big hangin’ 10 inch curved dick, connected to a horny blond stud, and is a mean tease for a smooth hunks! Will this big-dicked stud let the cock-starved dude suck his steaming cock? Just watch as his eager mouth and his willing ass suck it raw! Body Worship when a young blond dude snags a big hung muscle stud anything goes in any position. In any hole again and again! The sweaty action pumps up in front of a roaring fire ‘n roaring hard-ons! Then it’s hot load after hot load!


1. Mean Curve

Two men suck each other before the low hanging blond one fucks the other.

A big hangin, 10 inch curved dick, connected to a horny blond stud, is a mean tease for a smooth hunk! Will this big-dicked stud let the young cock starved dud suck his steaming cock? Just watch, as his eager mouth and his willing ass suck it raw!

2. Body Worship

Two muscular guys rim and suck each other while the older one stands and the younger one is held upside down. Afterwards, they get a good fuck going.
Setting: In a nearly empty room with a black wood floor and a small carpet in front of a raging fireplace.
Performer 1: Age 30s, hair curly brown, body lt. hair, trim, cock ring.
Performer 2: Age 20s, hair dark blond, body hairy, trim.
Action: 2 sucks on 1. 1 flips the 2 in the air. They 69 and 1 rims 2 while 1 is standing. On the carpet they 69 then 1 lifts 2.s ass and fucks him while standing, kneeling and on all fours.

Notes: Cover pictures of doggy style and side by side 69 does not appear in film.

When a young blond dude snags a big, hung muscle-stud, anything goes. . .in any position. . .in any hole, again, again and again! The sweaty action pumps up in front of a roaring fire, .n roaring hard-ons! Then it.s hot load after hot load!

3. Cock Lover

Two men suck each other off until the blond gets his cheeks split open.

As his tight pants slide off, a horny, dark-haired dude offers his throbbing 9½ inches as a main course for a handsome blond.s cock-hungry mouth and ass! There.s lots of dual ass pounding with a double helping of cum for dessert!

4. Staircase Studs

A hairy redheaded businessman is sucked off by a younger guy on a staircase. The younger guy get fucked.

The pretty guy downstairs has this big thing for his hung, red-headed, upstairs neighbor, so he waylays the stud right on the staircase and a wild sucking/fucking free-for-all ensues, bringing the red-head to a real blaster on his partner.s well-plowed ass!

5. Bathroom Blowjob

Two men suck each other off in a bathroom until the blond one reaches for his ankles and gets plowed.

Jacking-off while your super-hung college roommate showers doesn.t always result in getting both ends worked over! But in this case, this hairy stud gets a hot B/J from his wet, smooth, blond roommate before filling his tight, eager ass with all 10 inches of his ramrod, and soaking his sore ass with cum!

6. Uncut Cowboy

In a bedroom, an urban cowboy and another guy kiss, suck and fuck.

Lots of guys love uncut cock. . .and a tall, uncut cowboy is a real, super treat! Watch this smooth, horny stud work the cowboy.s thick foreskin with his hot mouth as prep to a ride he and the cowboy will never forget, bringing out several ten-gallon loads!

Stars: Unidentified
Director: Various (Unidentified)
Released: 1982


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Frame rate: 29.97 fps
Video data rate: 823 kbs
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