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Very nice picture quality.  Seedbonus appreciated!

Starring: Attila, Charles, Ferenc, Gyorgy, Krisztian, Mihaly, Miklos, Richard

Categories: Europeans, Latin Men, Muscle Men, Hunks, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Fantasies, Oral Sex, Story - Plot, Threeways, Period Theme

I liked this one. The guys are certainly beautiful and hunky, with jutting pecs and firm abs. Asses are tight, high and round with deep dark cracks. The cocks plentiful and uncut.

It's Private's first all-male feature, and here's the plot: Germanic Warlord, Herrmann, is captured by the mighty Roman Empire. In order to save his people, he submits to slavery to the Roman Emperor himself. Much of the action takes place in the bathhouse, where a number of men are shown gathered to grope and caress and suck and fuck.

The first scene has one hunk fucking a blond "eunich" with a tiny cock, but with an ass that can't get enough.

More action takes place in the Emperor's chambers, where after a bath, Hermann strips for the Emperor and gets his hefty meat sucked by one of the beefy Centurions - he then returns the sucking favor. Herrmann then mounts the Centurion's staff for some good anal stimulation. While all of this is going on, the Emperor, who is a stunning Latin, starts to give his own pretty brown cock a stroking.

Meanwhile, three Roman senators plot to kill the slave because they fear the Emperor's choice to make Herrmann the next ruler is a poor one. But before all that can happen, the three Senators have to fuck and suck each other. It's a very good scene. Lots of jizz here!

The Senators' plans fail, but Herrmann requests that they be left in his capable hands. Shackled at the bathhouse and surrounding Herrmann, the Senators go at it. They all suck and fuck, leaving huge puddles of juice on each others bodies. Herrmann returns to his beloved Emperor and gladly accepts the title of future Emperor of Rome.

Credit should go to Private, widely known for its straight productions, for making this an epic all-male feature. The costumes are good, the sets are extravagant, and there's plenty of nice camera work and music. The sex is rather vanilla and the dialogue dubbed, but if you like beefcake, then there is plenty to go around. Boys, when in Rome, do and do and do as the Romans would!

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