Buenos Boys - Ronaldo

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Age: 21
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Zodiac: Pisces
Dick: 6.5"
Build: Slim
Home: Rosario, Argentina

Ronaldo has the kind of Mediterranean good looks and poise that make for an irresistible combination of suave and sexy. With his super handsome, angular face with even features, killer white-toothed smile, and compact body, he could impress anyone in any situation.

Ronaldo is a musician, a guitar player to be exact, and plays frequently and anywhere he can—“bars, clubs, in the street, everywhere!”

Ronaldo loves to look at porn when he strokes,

so we filmed him doing just that. He has a good sized cock with a little curve to it, and a smooth, defined torso of the swimmerÂ’s variety, with hairy legs that give him the appearance of a boy from the waist up and a man from the waist down! He has maturity in his demeanor that suggests a person older than his years. He seems to know himself and what he wants, and pursues it steadfastly and without the customarily hysterical panic of youth.

Slow and steady is his motto.

He jerks off that way too, and enjoyed rubbing and caressing his chest and legs as he stroked his meat for our cameras, indicating that he is a sensualist. He especially liked rubbing on his bubble butt, which is surprisingly plump for his swimmerÂ’s body.

RonaldoÂ’s favorite fantasy is the tried and true girl-in-the-catholic-school uniform. Hey, when youÂ’re as handsome and level-headed as Ronaldo, you can afford to be traditional!
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