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♺ McKey Productions - Chris Cohands House Party

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-06-10 |


Michael McKey has done it again! NO Fast Fowards....NO Fluff...Just REAL MEN having REAL, HARDCORE, BUTT-BANGING, ASS STRETCHING FISTING and BAREBACKING all out sex as only REAL Men can do. Moan, groans and squeals of piggish delight.

Known for his unbelievable "In the Hole" close-ups shots, Michael McKey carries on this tradition. And Michael's ability to find nothing but REAL men...er, make that real SEX PIGS, who enjoy nothing better than trading off asses, hands cocks and feet!

Anyone who has seen CHRIS COHAND in action or in previous films know his aggressive and verbal nature when it comes to fisting. NO ACTING INVOLVED.....this is simply the REAL Chris Cohand. Filmed live at one of Chris's ACTUAL Legendary House Parties in the great outdoors of his Texas backyard. 11 mature, hairy and horny studs use their dicks, fists, and even feet to pound, plow, and stretch each others assholes. No twinks here! This is real men, having real sex, with a fraternal no-holes-barred ass pounding attitude. Highlights include an extended shoulder-deep fist-fuck where Giorgio takes Peter Peruvian almost to Peters armpit hair and then cums and then p***es in Peters waiting mouth.

Chris Cohand shows off his legendary hole in some astounding punch fucking, and then turns the tables with his magnificent large dick. McKey fave RJ (the dude with the really BIG dick) plows just about anything that walks (and they all smile in thanks!) and also gets some quality fisting up his hungry butt. And in a marathon fisting session, Chris takes each and every one of his guests fists (and one foot) up his hole as they show their gratitude for his hospitality!

These guys do it all! Fucking......TWO HANDED Fisting, FOOT FUCKING and forget the normal elbow deep fisting....this film goes well beyond the elbow ALL THE WAY TO THE SHOULDER. You'll almost see the arm pit hairs kissing the rose bud!!!!!

The grease, cocks, and fists fly during this out-door adventure. You can hear the dogs bark and the trains go by in the Texas night. This was filmed during one of Chris play parties and is totally unstaged and unrehearsed. Michael McKey's trademark visual style is here, the juicy closeups, the real sound, the crisp photography that literally puts you inside the sex and the holes!

Directed and Edited by: Michael McKey
Produced by: McKey Productions
Distributed by: HDK Distribution, Inc.

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