♺ SeducedStraightGuys siterip Pack 2 (E-M) Complete to Dec2012

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-03-31 |
This is Part 2 of the full site video rip of www.seducedstraightguys.com (up to December 2012), screenshots are included.

Files included are:

ed_high_full (WMV, 147MB)
eddy_high_full (WMV, 161MB)
eric_high_full (WMV, 188MB)
franc_high_full (WMV, 163MB)
frapz_high_full (WMV, 139MB)
garth_high_full (WMV, 184MB)
gavin_high_full (WMV, 98MB)
gavinlogan_high_full (WMV, 239MB)
greg_high_full (WMV, 213MB)
guy_high_full (WMV, 110MB)
hunter_high_full (WMV, 150MB)
hunter3rd_high_full (WMV, 113MB)
hutch_high_full (WMV, 144MB)
jacob_high_full (WMV, 144MB)
jade_high_full (WMV, 160MB)
jake_high_full (WMV, 141MB)
jake_high_qf (WMV, 15.2MB)
jake2_hd_full (MP4, 399MB)
jake2nd_high_full (WMV, 105MB)
james_high_full (RM, 99.9MB)
jamie_high_full (RM, 79.1MB)
jamie2_high_full (WMV, 141MB)
jascha_high_full (WMV, 115MB)
jascha_high_qf (WMV, 21.8MB)
jason_high_full (RM, 64.6MB)
jay_high_full (RM, 48.3MB)
jaybo_high_full (WMV, 328MB)
jaybo3rd_high_full (WMV, 129MB)
jaybo4th_vh_full (RM, 142MB)
jeff_high_full (WMV, 216MB)
jeremy_high_full (WMV, 155MB)
jess_high_full (WMV, 219MB)
jess3rd_high_full (WMV, 143MB)
jimmy_high_full (WMV, 95.6MB)
jimmy_high_qf (WMV, 34.1MB)
jimmy6th_high_full (WMV, 126MB)
jimmy8th_high_full (WMV, 151MB)
jimmy10th_high_full (WMV, 142MB)
jimmy11th_high_full (WMV, 119MB)
jimmylogan_high_full (WMV, 166MB)
jimmymarcus_high_full (WMV, 122MB)
jimmymarcus2_high_full (WMV, 87.1MB)
joe_high_full (WMV, 159MB)
joe_high_qf (WMV, 24.9MB)
joe2nd_high_full (WMV, 173MB)
joel_high_full (WMV, 106MB)
joel_high_qf (WMV, 32.3MB)
joel2nd_high_full (WMV, 106MB)
joel3rd_high_full (WMV, 135MB)
john_high_full (WMV, 190MB)
johnny_high_full (WMV, 138MB)
johnny2_2nd_high_full (WMV, 142MB)
johnny2_3rd_high_full (WMV, 121MB)
johnny2_high_full (WMV, 140MB)
johnny4th_hd_full (MP4, 425MB)
jolan_high_qf (WMV, 17.2MB)
jordan_high_full (WMV, 146MB)
josh_high_full (WMV, 138MB)
josh_high_qf (WMV, 15.9MB)
justin_high_full (WMV, 122MB)
justin_high_qf (WMV, 9.19MB)
justin2nd_high_full (RM, 87.7MB)
justin2nd_high_qf (WMV, 12.6MB)
justinjimmy_high_full (WMV, 97.7MB)
kade_high_full (WMV, 181MB)
kade_high_qf (WMV, 19.4MB)
kahn_high_full (WMV, 137MB)
karl_high_full (WMV, 131MB)
ken_high_full (WMV, 145MB)
kingy_high_full (RM, 88.1MB)
kirk_high_full (WMV, 145MB)
kyle_high_full (WMV, 107MB)
lathan_high_full (WMV, 138MB)
lee_high_full (WMV, 164MB)
luke_high_full (WMV, 156MB)
luke_high_qf (WMV, 16MB)
luke4th_high_full (WMV, 89.8MB)
lukejosh_high_full (WMV, 147MB)
lukeleo_high_full (WMV, 128MB)
lyncon_high_full (WMV, 116MB)
lynconjimmy_high_full (WMV, 184MB)
malachi_high_full (RM, 123MB)
marcus_high_full (WMV, 158MB)
marcus_high_qf (WMV, 23.8MB)
mario_high_full (WMV, 150MB)
mario2nd_high_full (WMV, 144MB)
mark_high_full (WMV, 121MB)
mark2_high_full (WMV, 188MB)
markstevo_high_full (WMV, 172MB)
mathew_high_full (WMV, 172MB)
mathew_high_qf (WMV, 18.5MB)
matt_high_full (WMV, 219MB)
matt2_high_full (WMV, 186MB)
matt3_4th_high_full (WMV, 117MB)
matt3_high_full (WMV, 132MB)
matttyler_high_full (WMV, 152MB)
matty_high_full (WMV, 148MB)
max_high_full (WMV, 232MB)
maxrex_high_full (WMV, 268MB)
memphis_high_full (WMV, 142MB)
memphis2nd_high_full (WMV, 115MB)
merrick_high_full (WMV, 142MB)
merrick_high_qf (WMV, 31.3MB)
mick_high_full (WMV, 303MB)
mick2nd_high_full (WMV, 163MB)
mitch_high_full (WMV, 186MB)
mitch2nd_high_full (WMV, 225MB)
mitch4th_high_full (WMV, 83.5MB)
murray_hd_full (MP4, 466MB)
murraydon_hd_full (MP4, 544MB)

Part 1 can be found at https://www.gaytorrent.ru/details.php?id=161082

Individual torrents for files included in this pack can be found:

Added2016-01-26 17:56:06
Size15.40 GB (16,539,635,267 bytes)
Num files216 files