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Harder Riders

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DescriptionSTAXUS exclusive, Jack Cameron, discovers that life on a horse-ranch in the company of a stable of rock-hard guys is one fuck-filled frolic after another! These horny stallions are most definitely ripe for breeding on this stud farm, as one horny, hungry hole after another gets stuffed to the brim with meaty, uncut, raw cock. Making hay has never looked so good – or been as spunk-filled! – as it is with this collection of horse-hung, dick-obsessed pedigrees!
All fresh faces, pure bareback pleasure here!

Young Jack Cameron is 19 years of age and loves riding horses. In fact, the only thing he seems to love more than riding horses is riding the pert, bubble-butt asses of the horse-hung lads who work on his ranch. Fortunately for this fine beauty he seems to get more than enough opportunity in that respect – as ably demonstrated in this fine humdinger of an encounter, when he disturbs Matt Loughton lazing about in a hammock one idle afternoon. Not that Loughton appears to take much disturbing, it must be said. Why, the moment Cameron thrusts that long, thick shaft of his in the boy’s face Loughton is slurping away on hard meat like a real professional. Indeed, there’s no questioning the fact that this is a lad with only one thought on his mind, as he unbuttons his own jeans and begins to play with the meaty member now dribbling away in his crotch. Truth is, this is a boy on serious heat, whose only desire is to get Cameron’s bare rod up his ass as quick as he can. Cue a stunning condom-free session that only concludes when Cameron spurts his wad all over his pal’s face!

You’ve probably heard all about dream-catchers – a mainstay of Native American culture, and used by the Red Indians to capture their dreams and fantasies. But for young Sam Brooks, a lad who’s a filthy-minded slut even on his best days, Francisco Ruck’s gift proves to be much more of a cock-catcher! No sooner have they hung the icon up than the two lads are eating each other’s faces and gyrating together like a couple of horny minxes on the dance-floor. Indeed, it isn’t very long before Brooks is deep-throating his friend’s over-sized cock to the max, thrusting his face against Ruck’s fuzz in the process. It’s at this point that you’re probably anticipating a standard (though admittedly very hot) duo; but the unexpected arrival of Daniel Brooks, who promptly slips out of his clothes and thrusts his handsome ramrod into Sam’s hungry mouth whilst Ruck buries his raw cock up the bottom’s tight ass, turns this into a threesome extraordinaire! In the process, Sam Brooks proves himself the archetypal slut, taking both dicks in turn before lapping up every drop of jizz his mates produce!

It’s siesta time for this group of horny cowboys – but the truth is that young blond bombshell, Ian Guide, doesn’t much feel like sleeping. Fact is, all he can think about is the two other horny dudes in the room, namely Julien Heath and Daniel Brooks, whose sleep is rudely interrupted by the sight of young Guide taking a very sneaky wank through his jeans. Still, what else would you expect from a young, horny virgin? Not that he shows much sign of inexperience when Heath and Brooks surround him with their thick, meaty shafts to suck – why, he’s soon down on them like a real trooper, slurping away on their rods for all he’s worth! Ultimately, however, the real centrepiece of action lies with the ever-appealing Heath, who promptly pairs off with Brooks whilst Guide is left to jerk himself off in a nearby chair. Heath, as always, is the archetypal slut – a cropped-haired beauty who takes every inch of his mate’s raw shaft like a real pro and who seems to genuinely get off by Guide’s irresistible voyeurism. Little wonder he spurts like a geyser, leaving Brooks to dump his load over his rump!

We don’t really need to tell you that any scene that features Nicolas Cruz copping off with Julien Heath is gonna be as hot as you probably imagine – but then of course we’d be failing in our duties if we didn’t! Indeed, it’s credit to the sheer magnetism of these fellows that they’re able to carry a scene without so much as a hint of novelty. It’s just them and the camera – capturing every cock-straining moment of two of the sexiest dudes on the scene today. Cruz, dark-headed and thick-dicked, is the perfect sultry foil to Heath’s somewhat cheeky, twinkish beauty; and we defy anyone not to reach for their groin at the sight of these two dazzlers taking turns to gobble away on each other’s knobs before Heath finally succumbs to his natural urges and allows Cruz to thrust that meaty monster of his deep inside him. And all, sans condom! Suffice it to say that it isn’t many moments before Cruz is balls-deep in the little slut’s slit, signalling the start of a sensuous coupling that eventually results in Heath kneeling open-mouthed as his mate erupts all over his cute little face. Ah, bliss!

Who could possibly resist horse-hung beauty, Jack Cameron? Not the ever-incorrigible Nicolas Cruz, that’s for sure – a worldly-wise cock-hunter who takes total advantage of young Cameron and who is soon working his mouth up and down the entire length of the newcomer’s knob. Mind, Cruz’s attentions aren’t purely limited to Cameron in this particular scene. The unexpected interruption of Nick Roth – complete with cigarette and a moody air to match – sees Cruz giving a second ramrod the blow-out of a lifetime in just the matter of a few moments. Not that Roth’s air of arrogance lasts long. Before you know it the lad is down on his knees being royally spit-roasted between his two compatriots, with Cameron taking full advantage of Roth’s open-ass policy to pound away at the youngster’s ripe, raw ass. It’s a position that he never really recovers from. Both Cruz and Cameron plough that juicy rear like beings possessed, and it’s really no wonder at all when they each splatter Roth’s belly with a thick spray of pent-up jizz! In short, if you like cute boys on heat then this trio is just for you!
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