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REVIEW - "Cockwatch" (All Worlds Video) - REVIEW

A Video Review by Brent Blue [ hxxp://www.ManNet.com ]
*** Highly Recommended ***

"Cockwatch" (All Worlds Video)

Web: hxxp://www.AllWorldsVideo.com

Director: Chi Chi LaRue [ hxxp://www.ChiChiLaRue.com ]


Lane Fuller [ hxxp://groups.yahoo.com/groups/LaneFuller ]
Mason Jarr
Lance Gear [ hxxp://www.LanceGear.com ]
Chad Hunt
Logan Krewe [ hxxp://GeoCities.com/LoganKrewe ]
Evan Taylor [ hxxp://GeoCities.com/EvanTaylorXXX ]
Jackson Price [ hxxp://hometown.aol.com/JacksonPriceXXX ]

After a flurry of high-powered videos this year, director Chi Chi LaRue turns in a blissfully simple and understated video with "Cockwatch," a very watchable enjoyable piece with fine performances particularly by relative newcomers Evan Taylor and Logan Krewe. It's probably no coincidence that their scenes, the first and the last, are also the most electric. But, a cast of resolute veterans rounds them out and competes well to steal their fire. This is one of those easy-eager videos that puts a smile on your face to match the hand that just went down to your cock as you watch it.

In a monologue written by Patrick Allen, Jackson Price, who here looks trim and fit, not to mention relaxed and devilishly handsome, rants about how he has trouble renting porn at the video store. It's hysterically delivered in voiceover while he struggles to get the videos he has finally rented to play. It's a fine acting performance to start off the video. Angered by not being able to watch the tapes he's watched (a 70s flick, a 90s uniform video and one of the current bestsellers), Jackson drifts off to sleep. You might expect him to dream of those three genres, but strangely, he doesn't.

Lovers Logan and Evan are the players in the first scene, a great start to a fantasy dream session. The two bear striking resemblance to each other, and not just because of similar coloring and hairstyle. They have a similar look, starting from intense deep-set eyes on both of them. Both sport facial hair, Logan allowing his goatee to spring a few gray hairs out of the black ones. Logan starts by making absolute oral love to Evan's long cock, which starts wide and comes to a thinner head. He is full of tricks and very eager to suck it down in every way possible to please Evan, who self-massages his beautifully hairy chest and stomach. Evan's dick looks even bigger standing straight up when he gets up to put Logan down on his knees. Logan has a fatter dick, though shorter, but Evan clearly loves it and sucks it just as happily. There is a great section of hot finger action on the part of Logan, who maneuvers his digits with sexual know-how among his ass, his mouth and his partner's mouth with great skill. Evan then throws Logan's legs up in the air to eat out his ass with increased intensity, which is matched talent-for-talent by Logan when he does the same with Evan's ass parked on his face. There is a lot of nearly-inserted cockhead teasing before Evan finally gives Logan the full poking, sliding in easily. The initial fucking position is a difficult one, but Evan manages it with only the smallest flicks of his waist in order to give off the biggest grinds of his dick. The best part of the lively fuck is having Evan pull out to have Logan chew his balls, then go back in, then come out to have his dick sucked, then go back in for the final fuck before a whopping cum-shot from Evan.

The next scene is a gym fantasy, with Chad Hunt as a star wrestler and Lance Gear as his coach. Lance proved he is an apt match for Chad's monstrous dick in LaRue's "In Gear" (Rascal), so it's no surprise that he does just as well with it here. Sexy bald Lance, with the come-kiss-me eyes overcoming a sinister goatee, not to mention a full mat of chest hair that has been allowed to grow out even more than usual here, is a surprising foil for lanky multi-tattooed Chad, but Lance's desire to please Chad's cock is so overwhelming they could make this scene work if they were on separate coasts. Lance soothes Chad's tension with a quick shoulder rub and then each reaches for the opposite cock. Under his singlet, Chad wears his trademark black jockstrap (perhaps he doesn't fit into normal underwear, it's possible), and once Lance goes under that, he's finally rewarded with the massive double-digit prick. Lance straddles it with his hands and goes about blowing it with superb gusto, chowing down whatever he can with an insistent sense of glee. He even uses his coach's whistle as a makeshift cockring and tease-toy, as if any dick needs anything other than Lance Gear's mouth to feel pleasure. Chad can hardly wait to get into Lance's pants, and he begins to massage that most delicious appendage. Lance bends over in front of Chad, the muscles in his ass clenching in anticipation, so that Chad can munch up in there. Chad dives in and that's the last we see of his face, marooned somewhere in Lance's amazing ass. We know whatever he's doing is working because Lance is purring up a storm of absolute lust. Chad eventually blows Lance, doing a fine job and having obviously taken notes from the stud who just perfected him. Chad does finally fuck Lance, of course. Good sport Lance takes every last of inch of it from the first, and it's not a nice pound he's given. Chad hits him hard with every thrust and Lance sexily growls his approval. The fuck doesn't go on too long before both cum moderate shots, Lance fully satisfied with his latest triumph.

The next scene finds Mason Jarr in bed alone, playing with his dick and ass. There's always been something cute about beefy Mason, with his boyish face and braces. Lane Fuller, who seems to have disappeared over a year ago, shows up in the doorway, his fat cock ready and hard. Lane drips sexuality, with a perfectly shaved body uncovering tight fit muscles and a handsome blond-encrusted face. Lane gets down to the blowing immediately, taking all of Mason's moderate dick very easily. Lane is a master sucker and does well in a variety of positions, slipping in some heated kissing. There isn't much enthusiasm from Mason for the excellent lick he's getting, but that doesn't stop Lane from continual energy. Lane then rims Mason's big ass with strong forceful motion, which wakes up Mason considerably. Lane then alights from above, like the angel he is, to plop himself on Mason's erect dick for a ride. Lane takes it with hearty ease, whether actively riding or having Mason thrust up into him. Mason than fucks him doggy-style, which finds both of them now fully into it. Mason is pretty thick, but Lane lets him in and out very willingly. A few more fucking positions go by with the same general simplicity before Lane shoots a dazzling load up his chest.

Jackson hears a knock on the door of his kitschy apartment (decked out with mini Greek columns and tons of throw rugs) and it's Evan and Logan, the "gay couple with the open relationship" that has just moved into the building. They had seen Jackson renting the porn and have stopped by to ... act out a scene, I guess. Jackson flashes the camera a huge smile and off they go. The dark-haired lovers take out Jackson's dick and the first section of the scene focuses on Jackson being pleasured, which is unusual for a Jackson Price scene (he's so good at the reverse his own pleasure is often forgotten). There is some excellent double-teaming from Logan and Evan while all three kiss in swirling patterns. The chemistry from Evan and Logan comes flooding back into the video like an old friend and Jackson is effortlessly washed up in it. Evan's dick is the next exposed, getting sucked by Logan. Master Jackson then teaches a lesson in oral wizardry, aped well by Logan. After lots more sucking singly, all of which is sensational, Jackson takes them both on, I suppose as thanks for the job they did together on him. This is not the kind of double-suck that finds someone trying in vain to stuff in two meaty dicks just to prove he can. Instead, Jackson plays with them lovably, managing to emit the same amount of lustful pleasure as the less comfortable way. Jackson then rims Evan, showing off his own glowing ass to a camera lit to the hilt, all but begging Logan to find his way down there for a beautiful chain. Evan, in payback from the first scene, sits down on Logan's cock and rides enthusiastically as Jackson tongues their balls teasingly. It's a fantastic fuck, with Evan doing most of the real work. However, the best comes last in this scene. Jackson bends over for Evan to screw him, but Logan isn't done with Evan yet. Evan's performance as man-in-the-middle is one of the finest of its ilk you're likely to see. He tops and bottoms simultaneously with equal talent, doing both with stunning alacrity. Shot cleverly from underneath, Evan steals the scene here, but you shouldn't watch him and miss Jackson's bottoming or Logan's continued impassioned topping. Jackson, and particularly Evan, end the scene with copious white winners.

Keeps your eyes on the handsome Logan Krewe and Evan Taylor.

They are new, but soon they will be as familiar as your favorite porn stars (many of whom are probably in this video). Talent flows out of them very professionally. Thus, they are given two scenes, two scenes with each other, no less. However, no one in this video gives an unsatisfying performance, each grabbing more than few moments of his own. It's just that these new boys do it with a little more vigor.

Hey, there's room at the top for them too!

A Video Review by Brent Blue [ hxxp://www.ManNet.com ]

*** Highly Recommended ***

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REVIEW - "Cockwatch" (All Worlds Video) - REVIEW
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