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X-Fights Collection 4

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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Description_X-Fights UK 1-m2-Dane Tarsen vs. Don Kristian-45_45
_X-Fights UK 5-m-Ty Garrison vs Ethan Pryor-35_27
_X-Fights UK 7-m1-Mike Martin and Ty Garrison-31_49
_X-Fights UK 7-m2-Chris Xaos vs Gabriel Ross-52_18
_X-Fights UK OTHER-40_40
_X-Fights UK XXX-m1-Mike Martin vs Ethan Pryor-30_10
_X-Fights UK XXX-m2-Luc Bonay vs Gabriel Ross-39_24
_X-Fights-Dana Smith-Tony Lapointe-28_31
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