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MormonBoyz – Elder Sorensen & Elder Stewart – COMPANIONSHIP STUDY (part 2)

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DescriptionElder Sorensen has only been in the mission field for a few days, and he’s still getting the hang of things. There are a lot of new rules to learn, and the daily schedule is really demanding. He’s exhausted.
On top of all that, there’s his handsome companion, Elder Stewart, who has been in the mission for a long time. Stewart seems to know everything, he has the trust of the mission president, and other missionary leaders, and he’s a great missionary.
Elder Sorensen is really intimidated by him.
And the two boys are always together, which means Elder Sorensen hasn’t been able to relieve his stress by jerking off. Sorensen has had a masturbation habit for years. He knows he’s not supposed to masturbate, but he can’t resist it. Back home, he would masturbate four or five times a day. In the MTC he could only sneakily masturbate once or twice a week.
And now his sexual frustration is mounting. Being in close proximity to such a hot guy, with no sexual release, has put his libido into overdrive. Everything Elder Stewart says or does gives him an instant boner.
He can’t help fantasizing about Stewart’s beautiful butt and his big cock. But since all sexual activity, especially gay sex, is forbidden to Mormons, especially Mormon missionaries, Elder Sorensen thinks he’ll never get act on his desires.
But he’s wrong. Lucky for him, Elder Stewart has one goal: to seduce Sorensen, who might just be the hottest guy he’s ever seen.
And as soon as he flashes his butt, Sorensen leaps at the opportunity. In no time, he’s licking Stewart’s hole, and then he’s stuffing his cock ball’s deep in his ass.
And Elder Stewart is a little surprised at how long and how rough the boy fucks him. He’s not a big guy, but he sure knows how to slam into his hole.
Elder Sorensen grabs Stewart’s ankles and pulls him back on his cock, and Stewart drops his head and moans. His huge dick bounces as the other boy rides him hard.
And the pounding goes on and on. Stewart wonders if the delicious fuck is going to go on forever. After ten minutes of continuous fucking, he starts to feel like he’s in a dream. His whole body tingles, and it takes all of his willpower not to cum yet.
But the fucking up till now has been nothing. As Elder Stewart gets closer to orgasm, Elder Sorensen starts to fuck like a possessed person. The blood rushes to Elder Stewart’s head and he struggles to catch his breath. There’s no stopping it now. He’s going to shoot his load…
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