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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2006-10-30 by unknown |

The Storm Chronicles, Episode 3: "STORM SURGE"

    Sean Storm's load-taking adventures continue in THE STORM CHRONICLES: CATEGORY 3: STORM SURGE. This latest cum filled bareback sextravaganza revolves around Hurricane Oliver - a tropical storm system about to hit South Florida.  As the movie starts, our hero and insatiable bottom Sean Storm is getting fucked raw on the back patio by his hunky British boyfriend's big cock. Ian stretches Sean's hole open, and Sean's ass lips grip Ian's cock hungrily with each deep wet stroke, until soon the Brit fills Sean's ass with a white creamy load. Sean then returns to his apartment in Ft Lauderdale.

    While organizing his homemade porn collection, Sean discovers lost footage of himself getting barebacked by Ian from five years ago. Wearing nothing but a sailor hat and a smile, Sean gets his hairy boy butt fucked good and hard by Ian. Next, Ian spreads shaving cream all over Sean's butt-crack and masterfully shaves the lad's bum. Sean's ass is now baby-smooth, and Ian re-enters Sean, fucks him in delightful super close up shots and delivers Ian's hottest, creamiest load to date. This full-length bareback flashback scene of Sean as a twink is priceless.

    Super-hung top Austin Shadow is the next stud to enter Sean's apartment - and his ass, for that matter. Austin is an obsessed Sean Storm fan, and is starstruck when Sean pulls down his pants and invites Austin to suck, fuck and cum inside him. Austin wastes no time sampling Sean's warm, moist fuck-hole. He begins missionary, then gets Sean to squat onto his huge meatstick. The two then get it on doggie-style, with Austin impaling Sean's hungry hole in hard long sloppy strokes relentlessly, until he splashes Sean's hole with his jizz, then fucks him more, pulls out, slurps cum off his own foot long cock and Sean's wet cumhole, trading self sucking cum cock action with asshole tongue lapping action. This is one fucking HOT scene!

    Hurricane Oliver is still a few days off yet, and news reports are cautioning folks to prepare. School teacher Troy Knight is engaging in his own preparations, to lure porn star Drew Peters onto his big cock. Troy has hired Drew for a nude sketch, pretending to be an artist. All pretense is soon dropped, however, and Troy and Drew flawlessly combine passionate love-making and raunchy sex. Troy first foot-worships Drew then Drew power sucks and deep throats Troy's 10 inch Daddy meat to throbbing readiness. The two fuck missionary, doggie and sideways, until both are sweat drenched and ready to blow their loads. In a twist, Drew cums first onto Troy's ass and then fingers his own load up into Troy's pulsating butthole. Troy then mounts Drew doggie-style again, fucking wildly and shooting a massive cumload deep up Drew's hungry ass. The scene ends with a spectacular shot of Drew Peters squirting Troy Knight's cum load back out of his pulsing butthole! By now Oliver is a serious Category 2 hurricane.

    Sean returns to his favorite men's room hangout at the Wood Depot. After taking a quick piss, he sits on the toilet and begins to stroke his engorged cock. When he notices a mystery man enter the stall next to him he immediately stands up, turns around and backs his ass up against the stall's glory hole. Our mystery man, Tomahawk, slides his sizable cock through the glory hole and into Sean's glorious hole. Never one to miss a load, Sean rides Tomahawk's cock, pausing every now and then to suck on it between fucks. The mystery man lets out a moan and shoots a creamy load onto Sean's butt. Sean then lets Tomahawk re-enter him and park his load up inside his ass. Sean gets a call on his cell phone and quickly leaves the bathroom.

    No sooner is Sean gone when cute bottom-boy Abram Rodriguez walks into the john and takes Sean's seat. Tomahawk's cum-slicked cock is still poking through the glory hole and he moans in ecstasy when Abram wraps his mouth around it and starts slurping away. Moments later Abram backs his hairy twink boy ass up onto it and rides away. Tomahawk pounds Abram's hole fast and furious before popping off his second back to back load. Abram then jerks his own horny cock, falling into complete orgasmic nirvana that leaves the punk bottom shaking and quivering as he fires string after string of hot boy juice.

    Soon Oliver develops into a dangerous Category 3 hurricane, forecast to make landfall in two days. Sean heads back out to get some last-minute supplies with his neighbor, sexy and adorable Billy Lee London. The two adventurous bottoms stop in at the Leather Masters store to fit Billy Lee for a pair of chaps. Sean introduces Billy Lee to the muscular store manager and leather Daddy Bo Knight and leaves to get other hurricane necessities. Bo shows Billy Lee a variety of Leather Masters goods, all while a nearly naked and masked Michael Foxx stands tied up to a St Andrews cross by the store's sales counter. Bo soon has Billy Lee stripped and servicing him on hands and knees. Bo then licks and fingers Billy's enticing butt before jamming his raw cock into Billy Lee, first missionary, then doggie-style. After some intense 1 on 1 fucking, Bo releases Michael to join the action. Michael sticks his big fat Latin cock into Billy's ass, and Bo stuffs Billy's mouth full of meat. Michael picks up the pace, fucking away relentlessly. He pulls out of Billy Lee's butt and cums all over his hole. He then sticks his cock back inside Billy, pushing his sperm deep into the bottom's hole while Bo blasts a nut. Billy Lee then pops a huge load while Michael continues fucking him.

    Later, Sean and Ian shower together to prepare for the hurricane. Well, actually, to spend the next several hours getting nasty and raunchy at an all night bareback hurricane sex party. One of the items of entertainment that Sean is bringing to the party is JUICED - a bareback video of him and porn star Brad McGuire. Viewers are treated to their scene from the flick, which ends with Brad spurting cum all over Sean's hairy butt crack, then fucking the super creamy load back up into Sean. THE STORM CHRONICLES: CATEGORY 3: STORM SURGE is an action-packed, all-bareback fuck fest with a stellar cast of 12 models in eight cum-soaked scenes. Viewers get over 3 hours of sucking, rimming, fingering and fucking - in addition to toe-sucking, ass-shaving, dildo-play and more! Every bottom in every scene takes a hot creamy load up his ass. Factor in never before seen footage of "Twink Sean Storm" getting barebacked from five years ago and what you get is Cre8tive Juices' nastiest, most ambitious bareback film to date!

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