BreederFuckers - Bobby Collection, Sessions 1-7

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DescriptionWorking with Bobby is a dream. As a healthy young actor looking to broaden his experience he is willing and open to trying a variety of sexual situations with men even though he's a straight man. He embraces the challenges and we're very happy to work with him again.

Taught about S&M, Ball-gagged and tied, flogged, humiliation, made to crawl across the floor and sniff a man's crotch, arsehole fingered, held in place with anal hook and displayed naked.
Mechanic Bobby is a sexy bit of rough who drifts into the BreederFucker's office looking to service the air conditioner. Having access to other people's homes and work spaces has made this fit young man extremely curious about prying into other people's private affairs. Rather than diligently keeping to his work he has to stick his nose in where it doesn't belong. When he's offered a lesson in what S&M means he can't resist trying it out. By the time he's gagged with his arms restricted by rope there's no going back and nothing he can do to stop the big bad men from tearing his clothes off and making him perform a debasing series of tasks for their perverse sexual pleasure.
To really stop this boy from wiggling away from the men and trying to get away they insert a vicious anal hook up his tight bum. He's roped to the ceiling beam so he has to stand on his tip toes and his hot naked body is permanently on display. By the end, both his face and his arse cheeks have gone bright blazing pink.

Bound with his arse spread, feet menaced, made to deep throat a dildo, rectum opened wide, gagged, cock tied and suspended, covered with oil, arse caned.
Bobby wakes to find himself in a very difficult situation. His hands have been expertly tied to his bent legs with a sharp mechanical dildo pointed right at his exposed pink arsehole. His cock is tied to both of his toes so when Adrian lays on some agonizing foot work his plump package is painfully yanked about. The horny young workman struggles in place enraged that he can't escape. Dave makes him deep throat a dildo on a stick to lubricate it ready for his tight arse. Adrian pounds it up his rectum provoking a look of absolute shock on the handsome lad's face. Every second of his supervised submission passes like years as his insides are painfully invaded. His tender little nob is suspended up in the air while he's screwed so hard he screams and begs for mercy through his gag. Bobby grunts like a beast as his arse cheeks are attacked with a cane living a trail of red stripes. He's being well and truly turned into a total slag.

Stripped naked, spider gag tightly strapped into mouth, dog collar & leash, interfered with, made to deep-throat gay cock, trained to suck dicks, fucked up the arse with a large vibrator on full power before cock after cock reems his aching hole, made to kiss and lick arsehole, endures hot gay cum on hole and in his face.
19 year old Bobby is a young straight apprentice who needs to be taken advantage of and we're the ones to do it. The little puppy dog is simply made to service the wanton needs of older gay men, whether he wants to or not. Stripped totally nude the boy can forget his own selfish desires for girls and instead learn to take hard gay cock into both ends of his body. With a spider gag tightly strapped to his face he has no choice but to keep his juicy wet mouth wide open for whatever cock wants to enter it. Unable to close it, he drools and wretches against the hard erections that selfishly plunge down the back of his young throat.
  These pricks are so turned on they quickly take advantage of his pink tight anus, screwing him relentlessly, even while a sweaty bumhole is presented to his face with a simple instruction - lick it! Bobby, a picture of misery, has to suck arsehole even as his own shit-hole is being painfully used by lusty gay men. For a second he has a rest as the bottom he's licking turns away from him...only instead to present him with a new thick erection to suck. The teenager squeals like a piggy as he is impaled at both ends. Serves him right for being blonde, young, fit and straight, I say! The two tops swap places, each keen to selfishly enjoy both ends of Bobby, especially as he is hating every miserable minute of his torment. There's only so much sadistic fun the tops can have before both are fit to cum...which they do copiously all over Bobby's ruined back passage, and his tormented face. Remember Bobby, we want to pimp you out!

Strapped to a spanking bench, ballgagged, arse lashed with a leather belt, gut punching, breath control, body flogged, verbal humiliation, ruined orgasm.
Work men are notorious for teasingly showing off arse crack while tinkering around. Now that Bobby is strapped down he can do nothing to prevent his muscular round cheeks from being aggressively exposed and treated to a beating. His tight white pants are torn off him. The lad's face goes red while his tight fleshy nut sack is tugged and stretched. To really get him howling Dave lashes his arse and sensitive thighs with his heavy leather belt. The boy fights with all his might against his restraints but can't stop his sore bum from being relentlessly whacked.
  Next Bobby's rippled six pack is worked over as he's tied with arms stretched wide. Dave lays into his with his balled fist punching his gut till he feels on the brink of hurling. His hard muscular back is treated to a really vicious flogging which gets him bucking like a wild beast. After such a harsh working over, the pain is psychologically combined with pleasure as Adrian firmly tugs and sucks on his cock until he's got a hot throbbing erection. Just at the moment he hits his climax Dave delivers a swift hard punch to his stomach. From this day forward anytime he gets an erection there will be a part of his mind which recalls the rough pain that only truly perverted men can dish out.

Tied and suspended in office, nipples twisted and pegged, made to lube up a man's hard prick with his drool, viciously fucked, ordered to suck and gag on a cock, face covered in spunk.
Bobby's arms are bound together and tied to the ceiling. With his cock and balls firmly tied to his feet this boy isn't going anywhere. No matter how much he squirms he can't do anything to stop the bad man from fondling his hefty cock and sliding his finger around the sensitive circumference of his sphincter. This straight boy is made to become familiar with every stage of being fucked. He's presented with a stiff dick in his face which he's ordered to slick up by drooling copious amounts of saliva through his gag. His tight arse is then split into as he's ruthlessly screwed. Every thrust registers on Bobby's burning face as he cries and winces against the pain. Since getting fucked is too much for him he's given the offer of sucking it instead. Bobby soon regrets this choice as he's ordered to deep throat the cock which is rammed right to the back of his throat making one of the most vividly intense gagging scenes ever filmed.

Trained to French kiss men, put on display in schoolboy uniform, ballgagged, cock teased till he's erect, taut muscular body slicked up with grease and oil, made to suck two cocks, arsehole displayed, fingered and fucked with dildo.
Mechanic Bobby bursts in enraged that his Mrs has left him after photos of him being sexually roughed up by men have circulated everywhere online. With his boyish handsome look he's got the perfect look for the Skoolboy scene we've been planning. He's wrangled into a room where he's dressed up in uniform and put on display with his arms bound behind his back. Reaching into the open fly of his trousers we can feel how eager he is. We want this boy to learn real gay romance so we get him to stick out his pink tongue for some hot hard manly kissing. His oral needs some improvement. Time to chow down on dick. With two big hard cocks in his face Bobby is ordered to turn back and forth to service them as much as possible.
  All the while he must stare pleadingly into the camera with his big saucer eyes. Every thrust into his drooling gob forms an apple in his cheek. Those big full lips look so good locked over a stiff cock it's like he was born to do this. He's turned around with his arsehole fully on display. Presented on the podium like this it's like Bobby is up for auction with his hole going to the highest bidder. His arse is greased up and fingered so the red-faced lad grimaces in shock. While his hole is being drilled into he must also suck the dick thrust in his face. With his body painfully twisted and being screwed from every direction this straight boy finally learns who is boss.

Tied with arse in air, gagged, bottom caned, ordered to suck cock, body pegged, relentlessly fucked, arse crack and face showered in cum.
Labourer Bobby is bound with his hands tied behind his back and his blue jeans pulled down enticingly to show off a horny taste of builder's arse crack. It only takes a slight tug to the waistband to reveal his cheeks and the tight puckered hole. Bobby moans his objections through the ball gag fixed over his mouth. Sliding them down further reveal his dangling meaty cock and big full balls. Bent over in this crouched position his head goes bright red. Every facial expression is on show while his arsehole, cock and balls are all on full display. His arse is caned to raise a crisscross of red stripes on those peachy cheeks. The jeans tugged down around his knees restrict his movement but he still lashes out with his body after each lick from the cane.
He's desperate to rub his sore bottom and it's agony to be unable to sooth himself. Bobby would do anything to stop more lashing – even suck a stiff prick that's presented in front of his face. Little does he know he's just prepping this cock to be inserted up his tight rectum. Crouched in this strained position with his head crushed flat against the pedestal while being ploughed in the behind is excruciating, demanding work. All hot young labourers should be put on dick sucking and arse slut duty after parading around in front of us all day with their arse cracks on show. Bobby takes a relentless fucking from both men till he's begging for mercy and his hole is screwed raw. That sweet little crack is drenched in sperm – as every builder's should!

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