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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-04-24 |
OK, so here's the god's honest truth about the video.  This is ALL RETRO cum shots.  ALL cum shots
this is a "cumpilation" or what you would call just cum shots.  Nothing else. And it is all
Retro stuff.  I'm 49 years old and I recognized some of the performers from when I was 18.

If you like just cum shot videos, this is for you, but you need to be aware that it is all older stuff.
the video is 640x480 and the video quality, while not bad, is not up to TODAYS standards because it's all
retro stuff.  Also there are TWO watermarks on it: one is C1R.com and the other is Gaybb.com.
they overlap and do not interfear with the video.

I like it and am glad I have it in my collections because some of these guys were my porn "hero's" when I was
young.  If you are into "retro" stuff grab it.  The music alone is a total flashback!!  LOL!

This video is 3 HOURS aNd 50 Minutes LONG!!  There are a LOT of cum shots here.  And if you are
around my age, it's gonna make you remember some old videos!  Not to mention porn stars that are

Just my 2 cents,
Skutr4 (a.k.a. Scott)
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