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Boy Crush - Miles and Dustin Fuck - 720p - Color Corrected

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DescriptionTwo pretty tattooed twinks, Emo Miles (18) and natural blond Dustin (20) suck and fuck (safe) in this HR video, but climax bareback! Cum Shots Short video added!!!

Studded Emo Miles and pale natural-blond (with blond pubes!) Dustin match up nicely in this sexy video. They are both very affectionate, thoughtful, generous and energized lovers.

Dustin, (besides a ferocious lion on his left shoulder and 5" multi-colored skull on his right calf!) has a HUGE tattoo across his chest which declares "I Shall Never Falter", and he lives up to that motto, in this fuck fest.

Miles has MANY tattoos too, such as a closed padlock directly over his heart, a rose and spider web on his left shoulder blade, and a large elaborate (dead) tree trunk and limbs extending up his right back up to his shoulder blade.

----------------------- Scene Summary ----------------------
After kissing for awhile and slowly undressing each other while admiring each other's flawless bodies, Dustin starts off sucking Miles to a raging hard on, and Miles returns the favor, sucking Dustin's lovely cock enthusiastically.

Miles then proceeds to give a Dustin a classic energized fuck, then a long sideways sandwich fuck.

Then they change positions, Miles relaxing on his back, and Dustin sits on his cock, and they have a go at it awhile, like this, with Miles occasionally sucking Dustin's cock, while firmly implanted within...

Then Dustin changes position, sitting away from him, and proceeds to jack himself while he rides Miles cock, jacking himself to an intense orgasm, spraying cum everywhere.

With Dustin's cock still dripping cum, Miles is READY to cum NOW(!), so he PUSHES Dustin forward onto his stomach, and proceeds to cum bareback, IN and all over Dustin's boy pussy and blond-haired butt!!! For good measure (in true bareback fashion!), he even takes his cock and rubs it up and down Dustin's crack a few times, shmooshing his cum all around, and insuring a total cum bath for his boy pussy! What a HOT finish, for this twink fuck fest video.

Watching Mile's distribute his cum onto Dustin's asshole, and watching it drip down the blond pubes on Dustin's butt cheeks, asshole, and balls(!) give this video a great bareback climax! Guaranteed to "get your rocks off" !!! (At least it worked for me! LOL)

---------------- Personal / Technical Notes ------------------------
Originally I hadn't planned to Color-Correct this video, because, overall, the quality looked just so fantastic. But the more I got to thinking about it... I started wondering... WHY do these two boys look like GHOSTS, like something out of the Twilight movies???

So I experimented a little, adding some color, and tweaking the hue to bring in natural flesh tones... and WHAT A SURPRISE!!! Both these boys had LOVELY skin tone(!), and simply FLAWLESS, beautiful bodies. Restoring their natural color really brings this reality to light. (Please see the "Before and After" photos! It was easy to get fooled, thinking the original video had normal Chroma, because the walls are painted HIGHLY-SATURATED intense pastel colors.... and even with reduced Chroma levels, they have a LOT of color impact to the eye.

So... I wondered (and you might wonder too)... WHY would a great studio like Boy Crush release an HR High-Production-Value video like this... with such a significant flaw?  I have ONE theory: The SO-BLOND Dustin has skin SO lacking in dark pigment, that his skin is almost translucent. While this adds a lovely quality to his body's natural beauty, it DOES offer one unusual cinematic oddity. When Dustin gets totally wrapped into his sex session... the normal "blush" to neck and face becomes quite startlingly bright RED, at this point, to the degree that if you didn't anticipate or understand this natural phenomenon (possibly with the aid of Viagra), you might become rather startled, and distracted by the sight of his BRIGHT RED face and neck. SO... my theory goes... the Boy Crush studio cranked back on the Chroma level, throughout this video, to minimize this "oddity". And I "un-did" that "fix", and the result was breathtaking.

Miles' BAREBACK-STYLE cum all over and in Dustin's boy pussy, totally rescues this video from being a standard-fare condom-safe fuck video.

In fact, I liked the cum shots of the video so much that I took the time to create a "Cum Shots Short" video, and also created multiple video captures of the best moments (IMHO) of both of the boy's cum shots. No doubt I'll probably get accused by some of excessive overkill, regarding these cum shot stills... and... Probably, guilty as charged, but what can I say. I liked it, it "got me off", so I decided to focus on these best 70 seconds of the video, and I hope you can forgive me for being seemingly obsessed by these cum shots(!)... but... They're great cum shots!!!!  LOL.

Any Bonus Points you can afford to award, greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!!

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