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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2006-12-11 |

Chris, Anthony, Timo and Marvin are four real scallies. Hanging out, drinking beer, vandalism and beating each other up are just some of hobbies they all share. Today they break into a factory. Inside they come across Sven, a homeless guy who has to bear the brunt of their boredom and soon has nothing to smile about. They drag him off his mattress, give him a kicking, then gob and spit beer all over him. But that's not enough : the four yobs then tie him up and fasten him to a crane where he has to suck their cocks one by one. Then they drag him to a quiet corner, tear his clothes off and force him to lick their grimy skater shoes clean. Their stinky socks and sweaty feet have to be smelled and given a good licking too. But still that's not enough for the boys. They first piss their full load all over him, then sprinkle what's left for good measure. While all that is going on, two of the lads go to one side and give each other a good BJ until they bring each other off. This film really is not for the weak of heart!

* It goes without saying that the plot is only acted in these scenes and that nobody was injured, abused or treated against their wishes in the production of these films. The actors were able to pull out of filming at any time but decided not to on their own accord. As you can clearly see, they enjoyed what went on too.

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