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[BG EAST]Dark Knights 10

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DescriptionBrooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Buck Koto with Devon Cade

Toolbox Time: Two on One Terror

Having a match with the BBW is one of those litmus tests for BG wrestlers. And if you survive the match with your ego, dignity, body and desire to continue wrestling intact, you just might make it. Some wrestlers see it as a rite of passage into maturity as a wrestler?like getting a driver?s license or buying your first beer. There are many wrestlers who are most definitely NOT up for the expeience and won?t even consider the challenge of taking on the Bodywrecker; the string of destroyed victims he?s left in his wake is legion. The BBW has beaten the arrogance out of any number of BG East superstars? recently including the likes of Brad Rochelle, Aryx Quinn and Mr. Joshua Goodman?but they took the experience and grew as wrestlers. No one expects you to win?it?s a learning experience, and an invariably painful and humiliating one at that. Anyone who says they "enjoyed" wrestling The Brooklyn Bodywrecker is either lying or guilty of a much more complicated pathology... And so that brings us to Devon Cade and Buck Koto. they weren't quite wiling to take on The BBW individually but both craved the experience. So they came up with the brilliant idea of challenging him jointly. Ah yes... the best laid plans of mice and men.....
Sexy young Devon Cade believes he has what it takes to make the transition from the mat room to the ring. He?s had a couple of great X-Fights and has potential, management felt, so why not let him take the BBW test? And to make things a little more even (after all, the BBW is nearly twice young Devon?s width) why not throw another steak to the lion and allow Devon his tag team dream? Enter Buck Koto, a well muscled South Jersey boy with a mouth and some attitude. But when the BBW shows up with his toolbox of toys, the youngsters feign not to know who he is?Southern boy Devon says he doesn?t even know where Brooklyn is, which just leaves the BBW shaking his head. ?Pretty but stupid.? And then there?s Devon?s thick accent, which just amuses the BBW even more.

The BBW begins his tutorial by teaching Devon the collar-and-elbow lock-up, and from there on out the BBW introduces him to the world of BG EAST ring wrestling, BBW style. The BBW has his way with Devon, like a play toy in the mouth of a Rottweiler. And when he finally gets Devon to submit so Buck can get in on the action, a relieved Devon retreats for the corner. Buck, on the other hand, thinks he can turn the tables?and locks on a full nelson that catches the BBW by surprise?and calls Devon in to double team the big man! The two ring rookies go to work on the BBW?s legs until BBW has had enough and levels both young men with a brutal ball grab?and since they decided to play dirty?it?s time to teach them the real meaning of playing dirty.

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