♺ [Marathon] Flesh 1995 (1985) [David Ashfield] [Chris Thompson]

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-03-06 |
Flesh 1995 is an exciting science fiction fantasy that blends a hot futuristic plot with plenty of hard-pounding stud action! A limited nuclear war has rendered 95% of surviving male population sterile. The ruling power has decreed all sex for pleasure forbidden- only sex for procreation is declared legal. However, a few handsome, endowed young men have been licensed to have sex for pleasure in order to appear on the government owned TV program,"Sexarama"! Flesh 1995 is their X-Rated story. Starring Chris, Allen, Jimmy Jagger, David Ashfield, Shawn Victors, Tony Kennedy, Vincent Thomas, Chris Thompson, Ian Phillips, Paul Auchon, D.L. Smith, Rick Gerard, Chad Combs, John Andrews, and David Smith.
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