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MBZ - Elder Jordan & Bishop Angus – INSPECTION

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DescriptionElder Jordan has been a hard nut to crack. He was assigned the sexiest companion in the mission, and Elder Hardt has made some progress on him. Elder Hardt watched him jerk off in the bathroom, and they wrestled naked, and he even shot his cum all over Elder JordanÂ’s chest.

Bishop Angus has been keeping tabs, and he feels that it may be time to bring the hot elder into the secret order of the priesthood. The bishop isnÂ’t sure that Elder Jordan will be receptive. But after fasting and praying about the young man, he decides to take a leap of faith and trust inspiration will guide him in what to do and say.

Sitting in the bishop’s office, Elder Jordan is apprehensive. Elder Hardt wouldn’t tell him what the secret order was all about, and he has no idea what is expected of him. He tells the bishop he’s anxious, but the bishop tells him there’s no need to be anxious — he just needs to follow orders exactly.

“You’ll begin by standing and removing your clothes,” says Bishop Angus.

That seems weird to Elder Jordan, but you do take your clothes off when you go through the temple. He slowly stands and starts to undress. Out of the corner of his eye,he notices that the bishop is adjusting his dick, but he pretends not to see. Elder Jordan takes off his shirt, then unbuttons his pants and slides them to the floor. He feels awkward standing there in his garments, but heÂ’s also worried that he might get a boner.
Stripped to his garments, thereÂ’d be no way to hide his erection from the bishop. His dick twitches a little.

“No need to stop,” says the bishop. “Remove your garments.”

The elder can’t think of any reason the bishop would have to see him butt naked, unless he gets off on seeing the elders naked. Have the other missionaries had to do this, he wodners? He pulls off his garments and looks the bishop in the eye. He’s up for anything. The bishop has him come around and sit on his desk, and then tells him to get hard. Elder Jordan doesn’t say a word — he looks down at his meaty dick, and then starts to tug on it. As he plays with himself, he gets harder and harder. He wonders how his dick compares to the other missionaries who have put on a show like this for the bishop. He bets his is bigger. He spits on his hand, and gets the fat head of his dick wet. He wants to impress the bishop with a big cum shot if necessary.

And Bishop Angus is impressed by the elder’s big dick. He knew if he showed a little faith, Elder Jordan’s heart would be softened — and his dick hardened. Bishop Angus undoes his pants and pulls out his own big boner. Elder Jordan doesn’t bat an eye. Soon, the bishop and the missionary are both stroking their hard dicks for each other.

Elder Jordan keeps looking around the room, trying to avoid making eye contact with the bishop. HeÂ’s too ashamed to look him in the eye. But the thought that theyÂ’re both jerking off together makes him want to cum. Bishop Angus can tell the boy is nervous, so he tells him heÂ’s doing a good job, and that he wants to see him cum.

Elder Jordan puts a hand down on the desk and jerks himself off harder. He canÂ’t help moaning a little bit. The bishop strokes himself more slowly. He wants to see the boy shoot first, and he can tell it wonÂ’t be long. He runs his eyes over Elder JordanÂ’s perfect body while he masturbates. All of his muscles are tensed as he gets ready to shoot his load.

When he canÂ’t keep it in any longer, he points his dick at his chest and leans back on the desk. HeÂ’s beating his dick hard and fast, and with a groan he drops a wad of warm jizz on his flat belly.

The elder had passed his inspection, but the bishop wants to shoot his load too. He makes the missionary lie down on the desk, then stands over him and jerks off while Elder Jordan runs a hand through the cum on his belly. Bishop Angus grabs his nuts and pulls them hard as he climaxes. He leans over the elder and shoots a giant load from his big red dick all over the elderÂ’s chest. And then, to complete the initiation, he takes a handful of the cum and anoints the elderÂ’s forehead.

Bishop Jordan wasn’t sure Elder Jordan was ready for his sweaty, cum-drenched initiation — but “whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies!”

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