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Leon + BTS

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DescriptionThere's a bit of a backstory to Leon and how he found his way in front of the camera (again). He had done a shoot for another website a few years back and kind of forgot about porn until his cousin recently brought it up, asking about a way that he could make some money. Apparently, that re-sparked Leon's interest, so they both decided to send in applications. (You'll be meeting his cousin on the site, soon.)

Leon is 24 y/o, freshly out of the military, and going after a college degree that clearly suits him: athletic training. Wrestling was his favorite sport in high school, but running on the track team was a close second. Both kept him in great shape, but, since then, Leon conceded that he's made some improvements and is starting to bulk up the muscle.

He's certainly a guy who would turn some heads when entering the room. Standing at 6' 2", it's hard not to notice him. The beaming smile and disarming personality only add to his magnetism.

I always love to hear the shenanigans that str8 guys seem to get into, especially the ones from their time in the military. As we got to talking, Leon had a hot little story to tell about "jerk-off races" they did in boot camp.

"We had five minutes in the head. There were no curtains or doors between us," he explained. "My buddies and I would go in, make wagers, and whoever rubbed one out first won."

Leon normally jacks off once a day and spent the morning edging himself before showing up for his shoot. He put on one helluva performance for the cameras; definitely not shy about showing off his body. And when cum time came, all that edging a few hours earlier paid off big time. Leon's tight abs were soaked in cum.

As Leon headed to shower off the mess he'd made on his stomach, I followed along with the camera and asked him if he always had such big cumshots.

He turned with a wicked smile on his face, "Only when I'm having a good time!"

While he rinsed off, we got to talking about his cousin who had come in for a shoot a couple days earlier. You'll hear some more of the story later, but Leon said he wasn't surprised to learn that he (the cousin) used to sneak off to rub one out with a buddy. Which, of course, brought up the question about whether they would come back for a duo jerk-off scene together. You'll have to watch the video to find out the answer to that question.

Of course, there was no way to avoid talking about Leon's workout regimen, but what I wondered was if he ever got hit on by guys at the gym. Apparently, the guys in San Diego aren't as bold as the ones back in Leon's hometown where it happened a handful of times. But he said he was always flattered when they did put the moves on him.

And the piss Leon took after drying off... I swear, it just went on and on and on. He's a well-hydrated guy!

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