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Hitchhikers, public bathrooms, basements, and barns. Young, good-looking men having great sex. What more can you ask for?

Jeff Colt, dressed in cowboy gear, is hitchhiking and gets picked up by a young motorist. He takes him back to a friend's basement dungeon. There, they chain the motorist up over a barrel and proceed to fuck and suck and rim him before moving him to the bed to be hoisted in the air by rope and pulley restraints for more fucking. Colt, the one doing the fucking in this scene, gushes major cum between the ass cheeks of the motorist at the end of this scene.

In the next scene, the friend then gets picked up by yet another motorist, and they agree to meet at Pershing Square the next day. When they meet, they go to the local public tearoom of course, but find it a bit crowded and leave. In the restroom, one guy checks out another at the urinal, they jack off, another joins them, and by the time this scene ends seven guys are lined up in a daisy chain fuck (obviously faked, as one does not see any penetration shots). This veritable orgy features several types of guys: a businessman, a leatherman, a sailor, a surfer, a hardhat, and assorted hippy types. Colt then arrives late to watch the orgy; he jacks off until the surfer splits up from the group to give him head. Colt produces a long money shot.

The friend and the second motorist drive out to a secluded farm and sneak into the barn. They strip and begin some oral action, but the scene really takes off when a cute farmboy (Sammy Bond) sneaks in on them and jerks off behind a bale of hay. Bond soon joins in and fucks the friend.

In the next scene, the friend, the second motorist, farmboy and a sailor from the park restroom end up back at the dungeon. In a twist ending, they all turn on macho cowboy Colt and top him.

“One of the shortest films in the Jaguar library, Thunderheads, at sixty-two minutes, is also one of the studio's most consistently sexual productions. There is minimal narrative content in this view of a footloose hitchhiker (Jeff Colt) who makes his way from one sexual adventure to another, and so the picture feels much more like a collection of loops than a story film....The explicit action is mostly first-rate, and so the viewer loses one facet and gains another....Bond possessed an inviting screen presence, and one senses that at the time of this fling, he was discovering his own sex pig identity, for one can almost see him dropping his inhibitions along with his jeans.” -- Manshots, October 1996

Released in 1972.

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