Jocks - Layover Los Angeles 2

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1. Tommy Defendi, Jayden Grey
lTommy Defendi and Jayden Grey hook up with no talk but lots of lip-locking action, losing themselves in a flurry of passionate kisses. They grope and quickly strip down so Jayden can get to Tommy's tool and suck it down. Then they trade pole positions and Tommy amps up the thrill factor with every greedy slurp on his partner's blow pop. He next rims Jayden's ass crack, pitching his tongue deep into the crevice before jamming a couple of fingers inside. Jayden quickly plants himself atop Tommy's cock and rides him hard, moaning as he bounces up and down. They continue fucking missionary position, then doggie-style until they separate to sit back and jerk themselves off to blast off two explosions of cum.
found in compilation My Big Fucking Dick 20: Tommy Defendi

2. Tommy Defendi, Darin (Silvers)
Tommy Defendi partners up with Darin, zeroing in on the slim jock's stiff cock so he can swallow it whole and nurse like a hungry cub. Luckily Darin's appetite for cock is just as fierce and he opens wide to take his turn sucking, and then bathing Tommy's salami with his tongue. Now wanting some tail, Tommy licks Darin's butt crack, lubing it up with spit and making it slick enough for him to slide his dick deep inside. Darin wants his chance to also give as good as he gets so he gets in position and pierces Tommy's hairy sphincter with his rigid dick. Tommy groans and moans as he is drilled in easy measured thrusts while beating his meat. He finally cums with Darin soon matching his load spurt for spurt.

3. Justin Cox (10s), Brent Biscayne, Zach Alexander
Justin Cox, Brent Biscayne and Zach Alexander look like three peas in a pod as they sit side by side with a wink and a smile, anxious to get things going. Brent leans over to gobble down Justin's cock leaving himself and his meat stick vulnerable to Zach's oral attack. Then Brent and Justin alternate sucking their buddy's dick with an occasional tongue swipe of his balls. The trio wheel around with Brent and Zach 69-ing while Brent eats ass. Then Zach ends up the middle of a three-man sandwich getting fucked up the ass and in the mouth by Brent and Justin. With Brent still slamming his asshole, Zach's body tenses up and he busts his nut. And then Justin, then Brent follows up with their own spurts of creamy jism.

4. Zach Alexander, Mario Costa
Zach Alexander is on his knees sucking Mario Costa's cock, trying real hard to stuff the thick horse dick down his gullet. It's a huge piece of uncut meat, but Zach's up to the challenge. Then Mario goes on his own feeding frenzy and he swallows his buddy's dick before munching on his asshole. But all that mouth action is just the prelude for the corn-holing he finally delivers, driving his staff so deep inside Zach's ass that the young jock smiles and sighs with pained pleasure. Screaming for Mario to continue fucking his hole, Zach jerks himself off and climaxes all over his hairy torso. Mario pulls out and strokes himself to an equally explosive finish, leaving Zach saturated in more cum but blissfully satisfied.

5. Tommy Defendi solo
Tommy Defendi just can't sit still as he finds himself alone with nothing but his cock to keep him company. To help while away the time, the saucy young Guido grips his third arm firmly and starts to tenderly stroke, yank, massage and squeeze. Tommy starts off slow and easy and just like the Energizer Bunny, his hand is in constant motion sliding up and down his shaft. He is so focused on feeling every tug and pull that every sensation screams with pleasure. Tommy senses his balls are churning with cum and ready to burst, and so unable to hold back, he finally lets loose and makes little Tommy sneeze.

Layover Los Angeles 2
distributor Jocks Video released 2010 length 90 vendor id JVP140
category General Hardcore
studio Jocks Video
rating out of 4 ***
produced ?
location U.S.
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director Peter Romero
Brent Biscayne
Darin (Silvers)
Jayden Grey
Justin Cox (10s)
Mario Costa
Tommy Defendi
Zach Alexander
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