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FullFilled (Falcon) 2000

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DescriptionCast:  Kevin Williams, Tom Chase, Drew Damon, Lane Fuller, Luc Jarrett, Billy Kincaid, Michel Mattel, Dominic Russio, Matt Skyler, Ivan Talman, Travis Wade, Alex Wilcox

Director:  John Rutherford

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 27 min

Year: 2000

Studio :  Falcon Studios


Another blockbuster (make that ball buster) from Falcon that doesnÂ’t disappoint, FULLfilled is an embarrassment of riches, boasting one of their best casts in quite some time. This movie is all about the bottoms. In fact, perennial bottom boy-toy Kevin Williams competes with real life (at the time of filming) love Lane Fuller, each poised to be christened as FalconÂ’s ultimate "hole in control." Let the games begin!

Kevin Williams has been back in the adult arena for a few films now, yet here he seems fresher than ever. His opening duet with Ivan Talman solidifies his place as the "bottom of bottoms"; Talman defines the adjective "smoldering." His dark, sensuous looks are in perfect contrast to WilliamÂ’s blonde, boy next door look. The screen ignites as Williams opens his rosy hole for a giant dildo. His ass is worked over with the plastic dick before Talman inserts his own, uncut sword. This pairing oozes passion.

The second sex scene is seemingly in competition with the first. Here, Tom ChaseÂ’s dark looks and huge slab of cock are offset by Lane FullerÂ’s blonde baby face and sweet, smooth ass. Here, Fuller literally plays the "boy next door," venturing into his neighborÂ’s home looking to borrow a cup of sugar (and wearing the resident geek get-up: glasses with tape, pocket protector, short tie, etc.) Luckily, Chase (and the viewer) can easily see past the clothes and soon gets to see whatÂ’s underneath them. Chase cuts a good figure as the daddy/big brother type, initiating the shy nerdy boy into the pleasures of man-sex. Once again, a dildo is used. The rubber schlong never detracts from the interaction between the guys but rather enhances it. Lots of sexy eye contact and Chase practically getting his entire fist into FullerÂ’s supple mouth make this scene the best of the bunch.

Next up, Kevin gets a massage and fucked again. This time also with a dildo. A dildo, then a cock, then a dildo and a cock together... his ass must be like the Panama Canal. The final sex scene is an orgy featuring seven performers at once. Alex Wilcox, Luc Jarrett and Travis Wade manage to stand out in this dickfest. The culmination of the orgy is a bunch of nice cum shots landing on our bottom boys, including Billy Kincaid getting a face full and a head full. Jock straps and a bevy of uncut prongs enhance the action in what could easily have been a run of the mill scene.

FULLfilled ends teasingly with Williams showing up on FullerÂ’s doorstep looking to borrow a cup of sugar. Just when the viewer feels the heat generated by these two twinks the credits roll! Oh well, something for the sequel I suppose. All in all, no viewer will be left unFULLfilled with this one - trust me!

-- Scott Templeton
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