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Original upload: 2013-07-24 |
This video is from waaaaaaay way way the fuck back in the day. In May of 2010 I packed up my shit and went to live with Dink Flamingo for a little bit, in his pool house. I brought some friends with me because it was our buddy Bear's birthday, and Dink ended up talking them right out of their clothes.
Seeing as it was my buddies who were getting their pictures taken, I figured I would tape some of the goings on. Unfortunately I only happened upon the goings on about halfway through the first shoot, which was Styx. I only found out it was going on beause it was taking place in the poolhouse I was moving into, which is why you can see suitcases and shit in the background.

Incidentally, this takes place the day after the events shown in Fun at Dink's Part 1 and Fun at Dink's Part 2.

This video is so old that it's not in HD. And the guys get hard but it's just for the pics so they don't cum or anything. It's not what you usually see on MSB but damn my bros are hot as fuck...

BTW if you want to see the pics from this shoot, head over to Dink Flamingo's Active Duty, there's that and a lot more.
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