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Elder Miller - Initiation

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DescriptionElder Miller and Elder Peterson are silent as they take off their proselyting clothes ¬ó the white shirts and ties that make Mormon missionaries immediately recognizable ¬ó and slip into the very revealing white robes used in the secret erotic rituals performed in the temple.

President Wilcox has requested they join him at the temple on a Sunday when it is otherwise closed to the public. They were only told that they should prepare for the initiatory ordinances of washing and anointing them.

Knowing their mission president as well as they do, they assume that today the ceremony will be a particularly intimate experience.

These Mormon sexual rituals are essential ordinances and must be performed in the holy temple, by a man having the proper authority, and they must be spoken verbatim. If even one word or a gesture is forgotten, the officiant must start again from the beginning.

President Wilcox takes his responsibility very seriously when conducting these special initiatory sessions.

He motions for Elder Peterson to sit just outside the small curtained area where he’ll conduct Elder Miller’s washing. Then he begins the ordinance.
He’s very solemn, and the gravity of his demeanor inspires both seriousness and longing in the nearly naked Mormon boy standing before him.

¬ďElder Miller,¬Ē he says, ¬ďtoday I will clothe you in the garment of the holy priesthood. Having authority, I will wash and anoint you according to traditions given anciently. We will begin with your head.¬Ē

As the handsome older man speaks the words of the ordinance, Elder Miller’s mind wanders. He looks down at the man’s big hands, and he pictures them touching his body in the more intimate parts of this ritual.

He knows that in a few moments, the man will touch his lips, his neck, his belly, his loins. He wonders if the older man is also turned on by this encounter, and if he’ll be tempted to let his hand linger longer than necessary, or if he’ll brush against his cock or his nuts, or if maybe he’ll even take his penis in his hand and masturbate him.

Maybe he’ll take the boy’s cock in his mouth and give him a gloriously wet blowjob. Elder Miller thinks about how hot it would be to shoot a giant load all over his mission president’s face.

At the thought, the boy become hard, his dick straining against the thin temple garment.

Elder Peterson is trying to be good, but he can’t resist stealing a glance at his very hot mission president in his white suit, and his handsome companion, whose perfect, muscular body is on full display.

Peterson runs his eyes over the two of them, then reaches down and strokes his dick.

As the president sensually massages the boy’s body — beginning with his head and neck, then moving down his body to his meaty cock — Elder Peterson develops a throbbing erection. He wants to see the other Mormon boy cum, and then he wants a turn.

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