Ed Hunter fucks 'newborn'

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Description  He said “I’m nobody now. I want to convert and once I do, I’ll be reborn.” Truer words were never spoken. He’d seen ED HUNTER mangling and destroying "The Fucktard" in in BAD SEED, and he begged me to let ED manhandle him.  Here’s the primal ritual laid out before you. It can’t get any more human, more basic, more raw than this. I don’t need to spell it out for you: "The Newborn" is hellbound and determined to become a living part of ED HUNTER’s man-lineage.  You can't see basic human need more plainly displayed than in the face of "The Newborn" as he begs, whimpers, and cries for the seed-lineage that only a man like ED can give him.
ED transmits a culture, a world, and a new life directly into the boy’s body as men are meant to do. At one powerful moment late in this session, ED asks the boy “Are you sure, boy? Cause there’s no going back.” And that’s when the boy truly begs. If you’ve lived it, you’ll recognize it.

Sc 3 from:  We Are Coming for You
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