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BadMasterBoys - 13200-92 Latinomaster - The first Contact

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DescriptionWho wants to be the slave of Latin Master, should not be a pussy. The 18-year old is sly, sadistic and dominant from head to toe. In this clip he finally gets the chance to show what he is made of. For this premiere we looked for a slave, who can endure much suffering: Helmut.

It seems that Latin Master has never heard of the word reluctance. When Master Sergej and Master Stass offer him to kick the victim, Latin Master immediately starts full force. The divine feet sticking in dark Nike sneakers are used as a weapon. Mercilessly, Latin Master stomps and  kicks the victim, squirming in pain on the floor.

“You can do with him what you want“, Master Sergej tells him. Latin Master doesn‘t need to be told twice. Scornfully he spits right in the slave‘s mouth. Afterwards, the victim is by some very hard trampling. Even Master Sergej and Master Stass join him enthusiastically. But of course, Latin Master gets the leading role in this video. 

The new master expects total submission and obedience. Small mistakes and objections are punished right away. When Latin Master kicks him, the victim is screaming out loud. Slave Helmut can‘t remember when was the last time he had to endure so much pain. 

But inflicting pain is only one part of this clip. The other part is about humiliating and insulting the victim and making fun of him. Latin Master starts throwing Pizza- and lettuce leftovers on the floor. Adding some eggs and pepperoni and here we have a nice “slave salad“. But stop! Isn‘t there something missing? Right! We still need a dressing. Today Latin Master is really generous and so he adds plenty of his spit on top of it. Bon Appétit! Afterwards, Slave Helmut has to use his tongue to clean the soles of his Master‘s sneakers. 

Helmut is totally exhausted and doesn‘t want to go on. But the three Masters haven‘t finished yet. They spot some S&M-toys in his apartment and really want to try some of these tools out on Helmut.

Master Sergej, Master Stass and Latin Master really seem to enjoy torturing and molesting their slave with these S&M-toys. Particularly our new Latin Master absolutely knows no mercy. He really gets cocky but shows no mercy, even when Helmut begs him to stop kicking him. So hard, so cruel, but so hot!!!

BMB as usual!

Length: 49 min 38 sec
Resolution: 1280x720

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