BCH Damian [Slim Damian facefucked me]

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Slim Damian is a sexy young hung guy from Ocala, Central Florida and he has never been in Miami before. He said that he hasn’t had an excuse to drive 5 or 6 hours here before… I guess we presented the perfect one! I don’t know what it is with the Central Florida Beefcakes that they are so far all of them, remember Jack? They are well hung… Hmm maybe I’ll move BeefCake Hunter Land Headquarters there…hahahha. Beefcake Damian is not by any means a “Beefcake” but remember guys that we are all about finding regular everyday sexy guys, and Damian is definitely sexy with a nice cock, and he is also very pleasant and fun to work with. I was even joking with him about the fifty bucks I sent him for gas, yeah he didn’t even have for gas those days, but like always I am glad to help. He confessed to me that this wasn’t the first time he has been blowed by a guy, but the last time was more than a year ago. Well, a year is too much time to wait for the proper cock attention, so I am pretty sure it felt like the first time lol.

The shooting session started with a nice chat, Damian seems very relaxed but then when I started servicing him I noticed him a little tense, even though he didn’t have any problem getting hard. Then his phone rings, and that breaks the ice a little, we laughed and we changed position, after that the “performer ” inside Damian came out taking control of the situation. It seems that he likes to be the one in control, he became more enthusiastic and began face fucking me for long, he started moaning, that was hot! Slim Damian facefucked me good! And for long! He gave us a good shoot of cum before driving five hours back again to Ocala…
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