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♺ BadMasterBoys - Now he`s licking ash !

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-01-13 |
Now he`s licking ash !

30 % Humiliation with Piss, Spit & Food, 30 % Kicks, Slaps & Cigarette Tortoure, 25 % Sneaks, Feet & Socks, 15 % Nacked Fece Sitting
In the clip 'The Bad Mouth',  there was a first for Master Babyface.  He spent a long time sitting with his bare arse on a slave's face. This really hit the spot with BMB's customers.  So much so that we're now sending your way another clip in which a slave has the fantastic luck to feel Master Babyface's bare arse in his face.  What's more, this clip contains many scenes which are both really hot and hard as nails

What's in this clip? Master Babyface and his mate, Master King Kid, are smoking weed.  Master Babyface's Uncle Helmut isn't at all amused at this and really gets himself stressed up. But the two lads aren't going to let this silly old fart spoil their fun. The weed has taken away all their inhibitions and so they hit on the idea of torturing the old fool and inflicting the  most extreme forms of humiliation on him.

What follows in this clip is extremely hard and dirty.  The loser is subjected to the most brutal of blows, kicks and slaps to the face, so that it comes as a relief to him when he in between all this he is allowed to like his tormentors' dirty trainers, socks and feet.

The two lads know absolutely no limits. They  use Helmut as an ashtray and torture him with burning cigarettes, they feed him with sausage meat which they've first chewed and then trampled ion the floor and they hawk snot up into his mouth.  Once the slave has been mishandled again and again by Master King Kid with no mercy shown,  Master Babyface pulls his pants down and spends minute after minute sitting with his bare arse on the loser's face.    To round things off, Helmut  is pissed on from head to toe, with some of the piss landing directly in his mouth.
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