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DescriptionSTHJ - Brent on the Rack
Scott has 26 year old straight, muscular Brent tied spread
wide open to the rack for an edging session and soon has
him in a trance, his cock hard as a rock, bobbing and dancing
whenever he lets go.  When Brent is fully aroused, Scott uses
the fleshlight on him, and Brent loves it, gently thrusting his
hips to meet the fake pussy.  Scott alternates between his
hand and the fleshlight to confuse poor Brent, making it
difficult for him to cum.  Finally, he uses a very slow pumping
action with is hand.  "Faster" Brent whimpers as he's edged
ever closer to his well earned reward.

STHJ - Eli - Four Groping Hands
Chic and new guy Frank have 24 year old straight Eli tied to the
table for a two man grope.  Together they fondle, stroke and
invade every inch of the bound young man's lean, defenseless
body. Poor Eli is helpless as the two slowly work him to arousal. 
His cock is rock hard, his balls are tight, his legs are tense, he
submissively asks for permission. Frank denies the request but
continues to stroke and torment him while he tries to hold back. 
Eli is denied permission twice more before he arches his back,
thrusts his cock in the air, asks for permission and shoots
his load, then lays panting and shuddering as he recovers.

STHJ - John Anthony Edged and Tickled
John Anthony presents his muscular body and thick cock to
Rich for a session of edging endurance and is punished with
tickling when he cums.  Rich has the beefy straight guy tied to
his bench, naked and vulnerable, just the way he likes his young
men, and torments him with a slow, teasing hand job.  Sitting
comfortably on a loveseat, he settles in for a long session of t
orment and control.  He stops to tickle the sensitive muscle
man when he senses he's close to the edge, then starts the edging
over again.  He teases him with a fleshlight and John loves it, asking
for more.  He whispers directions to Rich, who gives him what he
wants, but when he picks up the pace and John announces he's ready
to cum Rich tells him he'll be tickled if he cums, then follows thru,
making him kick his legs and beg in breathless hysterics.

STHJ - Joey Looses Control
Joey is an 18 year old college student and part time lifeguard
with a lean strong body and an adorable smile, but like most guys
his age he's still subject to embarrassing premature ejaculations
when he's over stimulated.  Rich ties him to a bench and slowly
works his cock by hand.  Being young and always horny, Joey's
cock is stiff as a board and his balls are tight against his body. 
But he knows he needs permission to cum.  Joey thrusts his
hips in time to Rich's slow jerking.  Suddenly, without warning
or approval, before Rich had a chance to use the toys he's laid
out, Joey lost control and shot his load. 

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