Ethan Andrews vs Austin Cooper - Ripped & Stripped

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Description These two guys have been around a long time. Ethan made his debut with Rock Hard in Catalog 3 and was an instant success by pounding and punishing the first two muscle studs he encountered; Tyler Reeves and Zack Johnathan. Through the years he’s amassed an impressive 17-6 record in his singles matches and has solidified his bad boy moniker and his reputation for manhandling the muscle boys he’s faced on the roster. He’s climbed his way to the top of the roster, but in his lone chance to claim King of the Ring against Dash Decker, he lost in one of the closest matches in Rock Hard history. Since that time, he’s taken out his frustration on five fresh, new muscle boys and has owned their mouth-watering muscles in the ring. He’s intent on clawing his way back to another shot at King of the Ring! In comparison, Austin joined the roster in Catalog 6 and quickly made his presence known with his brawny strength and tactical style. He’s built up a 17-5 record in his singles matches and also claimed King of the Ring when he defeated Dash Decker in KOTR 4. But, he was recently stripped of the belt when he was defeated in KOTR 6 by Zack Johnathan. Surprisingly, Ethan and Austin have only faced off against one another once in a singles match, with Ethan claiming the victory in a super surprise finish. And, they have also faced each other twice in tag team matches with each winning one. The tension in the locker room has been building recently between these two, partly because of egos and partly because they both desperately want another shot at King of the Ring. This match comes about by chance as Austin is in the gym getting in a work out when Ethan notices and decides to talk some smack. First he disses on Austin about the light weight dumbbells he’s using, then proceeds to bring up the previous matches that he’s defeated Austin. The two superstars get into a debate over who has more fans, before Austin hits Ethan with a cheap shot and drives his head over the ring rope and begins choking him out. The burly red head then grabs Ethan by the back of his shorts and throws him into the ring to settle this quarrel. Austin lifts the bad boy up and heaves him into the mat, then stretches him in a unique bow and arrow combination, before inflicting some pain with a brutal arm bar. There’s no question Ethan has been caught off guard to this point but don’t expect Austin to let up. He pulls the street punk’s sneakers off and tosses them aside, and at that moment this match became a rip n strip contest. Austin hoists the stunned bad boy into a torture rack, then drops his body across his knee into a backbreaker. Ethan is an agony as Coop continues to dominate, and it isn’t long before the red head is yanking the bad boy’s tank top off and using it to choke the shit out of him. As Ethan grovels on the mat, the burly ginger goes to pull him by his hair and this is when Ethan connects. He delivers a cheap shot to Austin’s crotch that floors him. While Austin attempts to crawl over to the ring ropes to help him up, the bad boy says oh no, you’re not going anywhere and places his foot smack down on Austin’s face. The bad boy street punk is all over his opponent; ripping his new Nike tennis shoes off his feet, choking him over the bottom rope, then stripping his new Nike tank top off his muscle bound body. It’s all Ethan in the end as he slaps on a figure four leg lock and won’t release the pressure until Austin screams out a submission. The bad boy rebounds from a slow start in this match to chalk up a win in round one, then placing his knee on his opponent’s throat and flexing his own inspiring biceps over his conquest.

As round two begins, Austin claims Ethan got lucky and starts showing off his massive quads. The bad boy doesn¬ít miss a beat and immediately begins to attack those quads. He knows Austin is bigger than him but he can out strategize him by breaking down his base to keep a lot of the action on the mat. As the red head lay face down on the mat, Ethan mounts him and rakes his fingernails down the entire length of his muscle bound back. From there, the street punk pulls Austin back into a camel clutch and applies extreme force on the muscle boy¬ís back. Ethan is having his way the former KOTR and has all the momentum in his favor. He continues to dominate Austin, and eventually rips his black shorts off in the middle of the ring. The big boy is lying vulnerable in a pair of white Calvin Klein¬ís and Ethan isn¬ít quite ready to end this match just yet. He has one big bombshell in mind for his mouthy opponent. Ethan manhandles the muscle boy for the majority of this 24 minute match on his way to yet another victory, and he happily states ¬ĎI¬íve had my fun for the day¬í as exits the ring with a big smile across his face. This is one scorching hot match and a must see!
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