♺ [Southern Strokes] - Miles & Ryan

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After seeing Ryan’s amazing ass in all of his fuck videos, you can imagine
that I have been working hard to try and get him to give it up. As luck
would have it, Miles and Ryan were both scheduled on the same day to
fuck one of our hot new models.  These two spent most of the day
hanging out together wait for their other models to arrive.  After
watching how well these guys got along, I pulled Ryan aside and asked
if he was ready!

It took quite a bit of negotiating but Ryan finally agreed to let Miles be
the first to fuck his hot virgin hole.  When I told Miles that he was about
to put his big cock in Ryan’s ass, he was shocked.  The crew was so
excited that we were all going to finally see Ryan get fucked that we
forgot that this was going to be Miles’ first time with a guy.  I just can’t
imagine how it can get better than this.

I have said it before that Ryan is definitely one of my favorites.  Not only
because he is so hot with a boyish charm but also because he is just
amazing to work with.  Once Ryan commits to doing something, he gives
it everything he’s got.  It was great that these two had spent most of the
day hanging out because it made Miles a lot more comfortable about
fucking another boy.  As Ryan put it to him; “Just imagine that you are
fucking your girlfriend only my ass is going to be way tighter.”

We got things going with these two boys by putting them in a little
competition.  I don’t think that Ryan knew just how big Miles’ cock was
and I don’t think Miles has ever seen a cock bigger than his own.  Once
the two of them were on the bed almost naked, Ryan started to kiss
Miles and it was game on.  Watching the look on Miles’ face as Ryan
sucked his cock was priceless.  It was obvious that both these boys liked
each other because they were both rock hard the entire video.  Ryan’s
face turned bright red when Miles shoved his big cock into his hole for
the first time.  You can hear Ryan moans of pure agony and pleasure.

Once Ryan was a little used to Miles huge cock, the two of them really
went at it.  Ryan let miles fuck him in every position imaginable.  Just
when I thought it couldn’t get any better, both boys shoot a steady
stream of white cum at the same time.  Perhaps the hottest moment of
all was watching Ryan collapse onto the bed after his stomach had been
turned into a sea of cum.

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