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Description"Where do we begin with this story? Hmmm...let's see. Well if you'll recall a few months ago we told you that Shane (one of the hottest young straight guys we've filmed to date) decided to come back and work with us a bit more. We filmed several things and then got hit over the head with a surprise with this one. Let's give ya’ some history. First off Shane told us he'd never, ever do anything with another guy. Never! So much for absolute statements. Didn't mama always say "never say never"? So imagine how fucking shocked we were when he intimated that he wanted to do a shoot with Jay and I. So up came the date for filming and we had the whole thing set up. We got a fan-fucking-tastic hotel room in downtown K.C. and got everything set up. At the last minute (literally) Jay had to run off and take care of some business that couldn't be avoided. So here we were with plans, a great room and a hot dude who wanted to get it on for the first time with another guy and on film no less. What to do? We actually had a few ideas. Chatting with someone we'd met online a few days earlier I sent him Shane's pic and asked if he'd be interested in doing the video with Shane. This guy had actually mentioned that he wanted to do bi scenes. Only one problem - he was as fickle as could be. So the time for the video arrives and Shane and Doug are there and then in comes this guy we wanted to pair Shane with along with a friend of his. Nervous, reluctant, anxious - we tried to talk him into the video, invited him into the hot tub we had in the room. He said he wanted to think it over. Then when we're all in the hot tub except the kid who just arrived, we noticed we hadn't seen him in a while. Where'd he go? Out the fucking door it seems as he left us high and dry, too scared to shoot a video with another guy. But wait, he leaves his friend Keith behind with Doug and Shane. After cussing and fussing we decided to go ahead and get it done with Keith as camera man. Sorry but he wasn't video material guys. So that's what happened - Doug and Shane going at it. Have to admit it was a fantasy come true, even if it was unplanned. The best kind eh?

A while ago someone posted a question on our message board about a guy they had seen on the site a long time ago who had since disappeared. We researched to figured out there must have been some files lost (as we've moved) changing servers so the video in question was not found. We re-edited this from scratch and updated it for you. The video features Sean, a guy who was curious to be in films. He came to see us at our studio in K.C. late at night and this is what transpired. Sean was a nice guy. Believe it or not, he had never seen a porn video in his life! There's a lot that Sean didn't do...until he met us.

Bryan, Tom, and Adam sizzle up the screen today in their first three-way straight guy play session. You've seen all these guys since they came to ASG. Each started off whacking their pud alone or posing for solo photo sets. Gradually over the months they have played with us. But never have we put all three of these hotties together for a shoot. What were we thinking? Well the moment arrived and it's every bit as hot as we imagined it would be. The video starts off with a little game to break the ice and loosen the pants. The old measuring stick came out and then we had the guys engage in a little self sucking contest. We wanted to see if any of these hung studs could do what all guys dream of doing to themselves. The guy who could get their own dick in their mouth (in the case, none could). The guy who came closest was the winner. That broke the ice alright!

So, what do you do when you have three horny str8 boys hanging out in your humble abode all jonesin' to get off? Craig was in town for the weekend. Shaggy and Nectar are always hangin' out waiting for the next female model candidate to walk in the door. We decided to hold a good ol' straight-boy circle jerk and broadcast it on ASG Live. Needless to say, when you've got pussy porn playing on a sixty inch television screen, it's next to impossible for these guys to keep their "bidnez" down in their pants. And who are we to protest? With two camcorders catching all of the action, you won't miss one hot moment. Especially every drop of cum that flew all over the coffee table! It was almost more than we could take to keep our hands off these studs!"

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