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♺ BadMasterBoys - An english slaves first time abroad (wmv)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-12-18 |
Masters Maxim and Marcel are undoubtedly among the BMB fans' top ten favourites. Their experience, their natural talent, their sadistic streak and of course their undeniable hotness! Once again it's team M&M on your screens and slave David has flown all the way from London to lick the mud from their shoes. And rightly so!

First Master Maxim and Master Marcel get their sneaker soles cleaned. Master Marcels in particular need of cleaning as they are caked in mud. The worn Adidas shoes must be spotless. The Masters are impressed with his efficiency.

As a reward he is given several lumps of saliva to drink. They land directly in David's throat. David has plenty of Master Marcel's nasal mucus to contend with also. It is remarkable how much saliva these sadistic creatures can summon up. But David just keeps on gulping it down.

He is now ready to experience the stench of Marcel and Maxim's drenched socks, but first he must be restrained.

The slave has their sweaty white socks forced up against his nose. Not even a 95 degree wash with industrial bleach could rescue these bad boys. The stench is unmentionable. But of course, such filth is heaven for pigs such as this. Master Maxim forces his socked feet into David's face and orders that he suck it as if giving a blowjob. In turn, Marcel gives David a full on face-f**k with his.

After another game of spit-on-the-piggy, the victim is rewarded with a relaxing session of bare foot worship.

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