Unzipped - RUSH

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DescriptionChad Hunt, Christian Owen, Cole Ryan, Cole Ryder, Dallas Reeves, Josh Weston, Ricky Martinez, Sean Summers

With his sense of humor intact, director Doug Jeffries delivers "Rush" with an appealing wink. The idea that these particular eight men need any sort of herbal enhancement to their libidos is joking enough, as they are an octet of insatiable prowess and talents. But, since the drug they happen to take is herbal, no harm comes to any of them. Just more pleasure!
I can't be sure if the first scene was intended to deliver an immediate hardon to the viewer, but I know it worked for me! It's Josh Weston doing his exercises. He doesn't look like that without effort, and it's hot just watching him. He then goes for a post-workout shake, adding a special aphrodisiac powder called Rush. Josh, just look in the mirror!
When Josh goes off to shower (and yes, thankfully we see that too), compact brunet Cole Ryan helps himself to some of the drink, and so has butch he-man Cole Ryder. The latter can't understand why he's staring at Cole Ryan's ass, but both of them are overcome by desire, so Cole Ryan soon finds himself on his knees blowing the hairy giant who is grinding into his face. Cole Ryan provides the other Cole's thick dick with a hearty blowjob, and between them, they manage to cram almost all of it down his throat. Desire runs both ways here, so Cole Ryan gets to enjoy a sucking from Cole Ryder. The often-shy Cole Ryan is very vocal during Cole Ryder's very wet blowjob. Cole Ryder gets to eat Cole Ryan's ass big time, shoving his tongue way into the somewhat hairy ass. After his cheeks have been spread and moistened, Cole Ryan gets fucked. Cole Ryder has a very serious look on his face the whole time, jamming his thickness over and over into little Cole Ryan, who backs up to help the fuck even more. When Cole Ryan sits on Cole Ryder's dick and bounces, he makes sure to get all the way to the bottom, and posing his muscles at the same time. Cole Ryder loudly cums and then Cole Ryan does just with just as much volume, all over Cole Ryder's face.
This whole time, Josh has been showering, and after finds out that more people have imbibed his protein shake. This time it's tall reedy Christian Owen and adorable Sean Summers, with hair just at the very top of his head. Filled with desire the moment they sip the shake, they are soon on the bed making out. Zesty Christian works his tongue from Sean's mouth to his waist during many sensual trips, but eventually the teasing stops and he gulps down Sean's cock, even faster than he did the shake. Christian's eyes never leave Sean's, adding intensity to his work. He tries not to break his gaze when they switch positions so Sean can blow, but Sean focuses squarely on the sizey cock in his mouth, parking one hand at the base and sucking as much as he can. He's quiet, but I'm sure that tongue piercing is a great addition to his tongue. After Christian has another shot at sucking, he gets on all-fours so Sean can fuck him. Christian is a stunning bottom, helping the rather tame Sean to enjoy the fuck more. The nervous top doesn't do anything technically wrong, but Christian can take much more power than he's given. After the simple one-position fuck, Sean coats Christian's back in cum and then patiently waits for Christian to pop off.
Josh made a whole lot of shake, because grease monkeys Chad Hunt and Ricky Martinez have some and flap their hardons at each other. It's tough to have a sword fight with Chad Hunt, but goateed uncut Ricky has a hell of a wand of his own, so he measures up nicely. Immediately, he fits Chad's dick into his foreskin, a maneuver that shows his determination. Josh arrives to find them hard and ready, and who is he to resist two such heavenly cocks? He starts with Chad, and mighty Josh does wonderfully, doing equally as well when Ricky face-fucks him. The camera often takes a position below the action, which allows both dicks and Josh's flawless body to share screen time. It's especially welcome when Josh puts both dicks in his mouth at once. That takes superhuman stretch. Josh's exceptional oral skills are put to perhaps their biggest test ever here, and he aces the challenge. As reward, while Josh blows Ricky solo, Chad eats Josh's ass, a sex organ every bit as hot as either one of the giant cocks here. Chad happily disappears between the muscular cheeks to find the waiting hole as Josh keeps grinding away on Ricky. Chad then roars with lust as he sends his cock into Josh's ass, which doesn't mind at all. In fact, the path is so smooth that Chad is able to be playful in his style and Josh in his positions. This is a masterful meeting of top and bottom. Ricky watches the fun while sucking his own cock! Chad is an absolute demon slashing around Josh's ass, for once not having to worry that he's pushing his bottom too hard. Josh can take it and more! Josh rides Ricky, the latter pushing up into him so Josh can sit still and suck on Chad. Ricky makes sure to use Josh's hole as fully as Chad did, which eventually causes Josh to cum without even touching himself. The two sated tops use Josh as a human cum rag.
All dressed up in a suit, Josh receives blond hottie Dallas Reeves at the door and then Dallas reclines on a bed filled with rose petals. Boy, Josh has it all: looks, body, ability and even a romantic streak! Of course, to make sure all goes as planned, he spikes their drinks with Rush, though from the welcoming kiss they gave each other fully clothed, I would venture to say they didn't even need it. Dallas, his hair slicked back with enough gel to keep it in place during the entire hurricane season, gets to work all over Josh's astounding body, enjoying every lick, but he's clearly aiming to blow Josh. Finally, Josh gets to be adored for a while. But relax? No. Josh can't do that. He's too full of porn panache, so while Dallas does a decent job on his cock, Josh flexes his body to show off all of those muscles he's worked so hard to perfect. Close-up camerawork helps Dallas' blowing and then he gets a sucking from Josh. Dallas sprints his hips at Josh, which gives Josh an easy pass, just keeping his mouth in one position and accepting the thrusts. Things perk up considerably when Josh goes at Dallas' ass with his tongue. Given to light sweet touches, he gets nastier when he rams a finger into Dallas, screwing it around and making Dallas squirm. No doubt aching from his earlier three-way, this time Josh is a top, now establishing him as truly the perfect porn man, adding to all of the attributes I mentioned being versatile as well! Dallas goads Josh to fuck him harder, but Josh has no problem plowing away at the kid, his abs leading the charge with awesome force. Now fully in control of the scene, Josh makes Dallas work hard, bending into tough positions so Josh can get in as deeply as possible. They then flip-flop, Josh planting himself on the bed on all-fours, his triceps anchoring him as Dallas thrusts at him hard. Josh yelps a little more than the fuck is actually worth, but he's letting Dallas in fully, giving him the same royal treatment he showed his other co-stars. Both guys send sprays all over Josh's hairless stomach
"Rush" doesn't exactly live up to its exhilarating title, as some of the sex tends to be forced, but when Josh Weston takes center stage, all is well. He can make even a lazy co-star look thrilling, and in the final count, Josh can stand against the entire cast and still lick 'em! So, "Rush" works better as a vanity production for the tireless blue-eyed hunk, from his exercises to his showering to his marvel of an ass.
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