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Our story begins with Fang trolling cyber space looking for some afternoon fun. He starts reading a blog about hot Asian Guys sexual adventures. Big and Ton are riding home from school in their uniforms – yellow Polo shirts and blue pressed shorts. They head back to Big’s apartment and look at fashion magazines. Big moves in a little closer and has Ton in a passionate kissing and groping session. Ton sits on the couch while Big massages his harden shaft with long sucking strokes. Ton pulls down Big’s g-string and brings that fat cock to life. Big jacks off on Ton’s face with multiple squirts of hot creamy white goo. Ton follows with his own load while getting his ass fingered. Fang licks his lips and starts to stroke his meat.

Soon Ton is splayed on the couch with his ass checks spread wide open. Big is licking, rimming and poking his tight little love butt. Ton moistens his cherry lips and flips while getting his cock sucked and ass fingered. Big sticks it in and slides it down to the hilt. Taking it from behind Ton repeatedly licks his lips as he feels the rhythmic motion of his afternoon lover deep inside. Big sits and Ton climbs on top with his cock facing out he rides that shaft like a pogo stick; harden cock and tighten balls flying all around. Once again Ton takes it from the back. With each new thrust Big’s dangling horse balls slap his partner’s ass with a gentle smack, smack, smack. Big forces Ton onto the floor and grinds his cock against those young tight buns while nibbling his lover’s ear. Big is the first to shoot letting his cum fly out and onto Ton’s chest. With Big sucking his nipple Ton’s love lava oozes to the surface and down his sensitive shaft.

Fang searches the net and finds a blog titled “Dinner or Me?” Nun is whipping up a meal in the kitchen wearing his boxer shorts and an apron. Tee comes home early from a hard day at the office. Nun offers dinner and Tee offers something else. Kissing passionately in the kitchen the slowly remove their clothes. Standing in a naked embrace their harden cocks pressing against each other they begin their afternoon love play. Sitting on the table and sitting on a chair alternating pole sucking they drift away into the pleasure of sex with music playing gently in the background. Ah romance... While Nun sucks Tee’s dick he fingers Nun’s hole. Sitting on the table Tee jacks off onto Nun’s face. With Tee’s cum still on his chest Nun’s strokes a load of his own.

Nun lies back on the table and Tee easily slides his cock into that young man boy’s ass. Thrusting at a regular pace Tee’s balls tighten with anticipation. Tee pulls Nun off the table and with his dick still deep inside him and pushes him across the floor. Nun grabs the sink and bends over to take the full length of Tee’s thrusts. Tee grabs the strings of the apron and rides Tee like a horse. Tee smiles while stroking his cock meat. He arches his head and grins as his ass pounding continues. Tee lies back on the table and Nun squat fucks him while jacking off. Nun strokes his meat vigorously in an effort to cum. Exhausted he lies back on the table closes his eyes and gets relief. An excited Tee stands by looking down at Nun’s face. He strokes his big dick until he shoots delicious long ropes of cum all over Nun’s beautiful young face and lips.

Fang takes his shirt off and rubs his nipples. This time he finds a blog called “Fuck Buddy.” Dew and Moo walk arm and arm talking about last nights fucks... They walk to the clubhouse and begin to strip one another. Kissing and cuddling they suck on nipples and gently caress. Dew with his swimmers body is active licking Moo’s long and lean form. They move into a sixty nine wetting each others hardening dicks with active tongues. Moo worships Dew’s dick covering it with saliva. Dew leans back and jacks off on Moo’s face with his cum shooting out in multiple spurts. Moo stands in front of Dew grabbing him by the hair, pulling his head back and returns the favor by nutting repeatedly on his face. Fang takes his clothes off and strokes his harden meat. Moo lies back and pulls his legs up spreading them wide allowing Dew to lick his exposed hole like a puppy dog up and down over and over. Then Dew takes his rock hard cock and gently pushes against that tight hole. Encouraged by Moo’s moans of pleasure he pushes deeper. Moo opens up wider and with moans up pleasure eggs Dew on.

Moo just hangs his head over the chair, closes his eyes and rocks to Dew’s fucking rhythm. Both boys are starting to sweat. Moo bends over and continues to take it up his hole. Dew grabs his tank top and uses it for leverage to pull Moo in. Fang stands to jerk off. Dew sits in a chair and straddles his cock. Facing front he rides it up and down dick flopping in the wind. Dew is having real trouble holding his cum. He gets up and pops another load on Moo’s face. Moo jacks off and rewards us with seven ropes of cum!

Next Blog – “Temptation.” The boys are painting a room. X is looking up Litel ripped levis and can see his uncovered cock. Soon he his is stroking it from below while Litel continues to paint. Kneeling on top of a 50 gallon drum Litel upward curved banana is exposed to Litel waiting mouth. They both suck and stroke each other in that hot room. Sweat running down their bodies in the heat of sex. Litel pulls his pants down and shoots his load on X’s chest. X standing naked continues to stroke his meat. Leaning his head back and closing his eyes his tighten balls send a load blasting towards the sky. Fang continues to slap his meat. X is sucking Litel’s balls and licking his ass. They have moved away from the drum and slip into a sixty nine with X sucking and Litel stroking and then sucking his shaft. He alternates between sucking and fingering that tight hole. Litel lies back and X straddles him.

Slowly sticking that fat cock in he slides down the pole. His dick is hard, his head is back, he self caresses his own body. Litel flips him over and fucks him from behind with good long hard deep thrusts. X’s cock remains hard as he grunts with pleasure. Litel increases the speed and power of his thrusts sending shock waves throughout X’s lean dark skinned body. X lies back and continues to take a pounding. Thrusting as fast as he can - Litel's balls are tight; begging to explode. His dick falls out and he hurries to put it back in. X grabs his own cock and starts to jack off. Sweat is pouring off the boys. Licking his lips with Litel still thrusting inside X’s balls release their tight gripe and let him experience the pleasure of cum flowing up and shooting out his shaft. Litel pulls out and moves to X’s face to enjoy his own personal pleasure watching his cum squirt out. Fang can’t stand it any more he shoots his own load all over the floor.

Fang gets a call from Tee to come up to the apartment. He arrives and Dew calls. He wants to play. Three horny boys gather together for some serious fucking action. In no time clothes are off, kissing, cuddling and stroking begins. They move to the bed with Dew and Tee kissing Fang is focused on sucking their cocks. Alternating between them and then taking both at once in his mouth while he strokes his own. Next they focus on Fang. Tee sticks his cock in his mouth and Dew sucks on him. Dew and Fang suck Tee. Dew fucks Fang while Tee slaps his face with his cock. All the while Fang is jacking off. Cock in his mouth, cock in his ass, balls flopping, stroking his dick not a bad place to be. The bed is squeaking as Dew humps our cyber surfer Fang and his dangling balls slapping his ass.

Dew pushes Fang's feet in the air and goes to work on that young boy hole pumping and thrusting as fast as he can. Fang flips over and Dew sticks it in his ass. Then Dew spreads his checks and Tee sticks it in. We’ve got a train. Dew fucks two boys at once. One with his cock and the other with ass! Stacked up like a triple deck sandwich our young sex craved boys moan with pleasure having there holes penetrated by big cocks. They separate and Fang faces Dew and straddles his cock. Then Tee fucks Fang from behind. Fang moans in pleasure as he is penetrated by two cocks simultaneously. Dew enjoys the satisfaction of Tee’s cock rubbing against his as he is planted deeply up Fang’s hole. The boys separate and Fang sucks Dew, Tee fucks Fang and Fang jacks off. Fang drops Dew’s cock to focus on his personal pleasure and a load of jizz oozes out. With Dew and Tee kneeling on either side the launch their own loads of sweet boy love juice on Fang’s face.
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