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Elder Isaacs and Elder Larsen - Priesthood Prep 720p

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DescriptionElder Larsen is one of the more mischievous missionaries to ever serve, and this sly and playful Elder has a reputation for fucking every missionary he comes in contact with. But for all his experience with guys, Elder Larsen has scarce little practice bottoming.

ThatÂ’s not to say he didnÂ’t love getting fucked by President Woodruff. Sure it hurt like hell at first, and his ass was sore for a week, but he had never felt something so incredible.

All the same, that was different. Part of what really turned him on was surrendering control when he was tied down. And he wasnÂ’t fucked by just anyone, he was fucked by President Woodruff, a dominant and powerful man.

After the President fucked him, President Woodruff extended a formal invitation to join the Order. Elder Larsen accepted, but he still didn’t understand much about the Order. What he did know was great – sex with other guys wouldn’t get him sent home. But what he didn’t know was almost anything else.

President Woodruff said he would be presented to a High Council, and he was told where and when to arrive. He was also told to bring his junior companion, Elder Isaacs, with him.

A few days later, sitting in a darkly lit council room, he and his companion got some answers.

They were told that the path to ordination might be challenging, and the steps involved something called, “Priesthood Prep.” This was a ceremony that involved their asses getting stretched on a “Priesthood Stretcher!”

After seeing the Priesthood Stretcher, Elder Larsen worried that his companion would have a much easier time advancing down the graduated stretchers than he would.

Elder Isaacs is one of the missionÂ’s most handsome hunks, and he has recently discovered the joy of having his beefy hole stuffed. And lately, getting a decent pounding is all this handsome Elder can think about.

But the truth is, while the idea of the board is a huge turn on for both of the young men, the final ass-stretching knob on the board looks impossibly huge to both of them.

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