[CG]ƒSpecies and Chimera -スピーシーとキマイラー rar

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DescriptionIt may be too soon to upload full CGs, but I already upload the game already too fast.

The game itself is easy, the only bad end is not able to reach the goal in running the zoo.
There are only a few choices, and usually they don't point to a dead end or bad end.
I will leave a hint for those who want to get the full CG by themselves.
With the limited time, the most end you can reach is 4 out of 6 by the end.
And these six people are can divide into three groups. Docters, Hard Workers, and Brothers.
If one you seem cannot visit anymore during day off, then it means you have to go through some small events while working in the zoo, or that you have to talk about certain topic with other characters.
That three groups can tell you which character you should go after.
There is an item call "Totem Ring" in the Shop, when you can buy it, you will be able to change your assistance at any time without delay.
Otherwise you can only change one assistance at a time each 14 days.
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