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DBB - Neill - Scarred Muscle

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DescriptionScarred Muscle – Part 1

Playtime: 14:29

Have you ever been at the gym and saw “that guy” – the one with the amazing body, bulging muscles, narrow waist, smooth, perfect skin – and fantasized about getting him in your dungeon to torture and fuck and turn into your sex slave? Well you are about to have your dream come true. Neil is a 24-year-old personal trainer, kneeling on our dungeon floor, barefoot, a tight muscle shirt highlighting his amazing torso, loose jeans hanging low on his bare hips. “Get up on your feet!” young top man Cole barks as he enters the dungeon, a nasty single-tail whip hanging from his belt. “I am really going to enjoy torturing you,” Cole smirks after stringing the boy up and removing his shirt, fingering an old scar running right down the middle of his rippling abs. “Torture me all you want but get your hands off me!” Neill says. Big mistake. Next week: Naked muscle.

Scarred Muscle – Part 2

Playtime: 14:53

Neill looks amazing chained in the dungeon, arms stretched high up over his head, shirtless and barefoot, his jeans unbuttoned and hanging low on his hips. His beautiful, broad back is scarred with a dozen lashes from the single-tail whip. Cole lays on a few more stripes, then literally rips the jeans off Neill’s ass, leaving the stud completely naked, his perfect body spread-eagled, displayed like a side of beef. Cole stands back and quietly admires his prize, then caresses Neill’s gorgeous muscles. “Fuck you,” the stud whispers. Maybe a couple dozen more lashes will teach him some respect. Next week: Liquid fire, well beat ass.

Scarred Muscle – Part 4

Playtime: 16:32

Cole cannot get enough of Neill’s perfect ass. He continues to beat those two rock-hard globes of muscle with his split-head flogger, making Neill squirm and scream in agony, as new wounds are added to his already whip-striped ass. But his torture has just begun. “What the fuck is that?” Neill asks when he sees the violet wand sputtering and pulsating in Cole’s hands. When it touches his skin it feels like fire – a sudden hot flash that makes his whole body shake violently. Cole is unrelenting, dragging the glass globe of pain up and down Neill’s hard ass and muscular. It’s muscle-torture perfection. Next week: Cock-sucking torture.

Scarred Muscle – Part 6

Playtime: 17:01

Muscle stud Neill struggles in the dungeon, chained to the wall, his wrists cuffed behind his back, his ankles chained together, his muscular back deeply scarred by his earlier lashing. Neill looks at Cole with contempt as the younger, slimmer boy enters the dungeon and fondles his body and dick – then punches him hard in the solar plexus. “Get on your knees! Suck my cock!” Cole demands. “Fuck you,” Neill mutters. Cole doesn’t even respond; he just shoves his dick into Neill’s mouth. Helpless, the straight boy sucks away but once Cole’s cock swells to full size, Neill chokes and gags – but Cole just shoves it in harder. When all is said and done, Neill’s face is coated with cum. Next week: Ass fucked.

Scarred Muscle – Part 8

Playtime: 17:17

An hour after having his amazing ass fucked for the first time, muscle boy Neill remains spread-eagled on the bondage table, his beautiful abs moving up and down with each breath. Cole strokes his boy’s body, but his gentleness is very short-lived. Neill can barely register what is happening as the same whip that scarred his back suddenly lashes his lean stomach. Cole is unrelenting, slashing Neill’s perfect torso from his chest to his pubes as he screams in agony. But the pain has just started. Cole then shocks each fresh whip mark with the violet wand – also zapping the stud’s cock for good measure. Next week: Neill cums while crucified.

Scarred Muscle – Part 9

Playtime: 18:33

“Please don’t do this to me,” Neill mutters as his magnificent body is bound to a wooden cross on the floor. Moments later he is lifted into place. For Cole, completely nude but for his boots, crucifying a muscle boy is his greatest sexual fantasy. For now, Neill’s powerful legs can provide some relief, but he knows his strength will give out and he will suffer terribly for most of his eight hours on the cross. But first he will be utterly humiliated. Cole grabs Neill’s cock. Despite the strain of the cross and his best efforts not to get aroused, Neill’s cock is soon rock hard. Cole continues stroking until the muscle stud finally busts a massive load of cum. Next week: Crucified muscle.

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