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Director Vlado Iresch doesn't seem content to rest on his laurels. He already knows how to assemble the most dazzlingly attractive young studs known to man. (For proof, see his past work.) He already knows how to excite these young, hung adonises into breathtaking sexual frenzies. He already knows how to make the viewer dizzily fall in love as well as lust. But that's apparently not enough. Iresch seems determined to present mansex in such a fresh, beautiful, thrilling way that it's like seeing the male body in action for the very first time. If you love men, if you love sex, and if you love water, prepare to plunge into a widescreen erotic wet dream like no other. As those signs at amusement park rides say, "You may get drenched!"

Anyone with a lifeguard fetish will be in seventh heaven. Tight speedos, smooth swimmer's builds, hot tubs, bathhouse locker rooms, splashy roughhousing, sweaty saunas, it's all here. The best comparison might be the timeless classic "Sauna Paradiso," but taken to a new level. In "Sauna Paradiso," our towel boy narrator looked on as visitors to the bath house had wild sex together. But in "Wet Dream," our lifeguard narrator is having a lucid dream, so he can actually CONTROL what the guys do, just by fantasizing about it.

Big dicks? You bet! There's no shrinkage on these wet young studs. Their cocks are as big as their faces are adorable. Bareback sex? 100%. Spit, sweat, sperm, and pool water are all the lube these guys need. Don't expect the usual open-mouth cumshots -- you'll see jaw-dropping cumeating, where the jizz-hound's jaw literally opens as wide as it'll go, to catch every heavy shot of mancream. Geyser eruptions? This wouldn't be a true wet dream without them. The money shots are filmed from multiple angles, which is handy for confirming the whopping speeds and trajectories of the ejaculations. Sticky, dripping cocks get licked and worshipped with true fervor, often triggering the cocksucker's own orgasm. Or creaming dicks get shoved back up the freshly fucked ass.

The action starts off with a bang, as we're treated to a hot threeway in a sauna. It's a fantastically sensual scene, with sultry body worship, frottage, deep kissing, and cock sucking galore. There's even double cock sucking and double jacking. As the scene progresses, the guys get sweatier and sweatier, and their glistening skin is wondrous to behold. As their bodies heat up, the cocksucking turns to face fucking and those asses start getting hungry for action. The rimming is a lot of fun, and it gets things nice and wet for hard buttfucking. With all that heat, the guys' balls hang low and swing wildly as they fuck. Soon enough, the trio is drenched in sweat, their skin turning red with passion and exertion. By the time the guys are through, their entire bodies are covered in sweat, spit, and sperm.

The very next scene is a threeway as well, which gives you an idea of how much skin and sex we're treated to every minute. The widescreen picture shows a lot of action at once, and it's endlessly fascinating.

Throughout the film we're treated to delightful underwater action, massage sessions that turn into so much more, bulge play, rough foreplay (like biting), forced facefucking, spanking, cum facials, finger fucking with gobs of spit lube, mutual masturbation (where one guy's cum lubes up his buddy's cock), shower scenes, insatiable cum tasting, hurts-so-good anal pounding, hottub fourways, teabagging, rimming, 69ing, and snowballing.

The bottom line is, this film is a labor of love and an instant classic. It's beautiful to watch and horny as can be. The cast and crew clearly respect the viewer by offering top-notch quality and creating an experience that is far better than it has to be. Needless to say, "Wet Dream" comes highly recommended.

In Czech, with English subtitles.  George Basten, Cameron Jackson, Eugen Procci, Milan Breeze, Phill Berger, Thomas Dyk, Grenady Prokov, George Simon, Tommy Sem, Drago Lembeck, Miro Benks.  Directed by Vlado Iresch.  Converted using DivX 5/6 and Xvid 1.1.2/3.  640 x 368.  1:43:41.

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