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Cast:  Jeremy Penn, Carlos Morales, Cameron Fox, Roland Dane, Robert Balint, Lindon Hawk, Justin Dragon, Vince Ditonno, Jason Tyler, Josh Weston, Jacob Hall, Ivan Andros, Andy Hunter, Brian McClaine

Length: 1 hr 20 min

Year: 2002

Studio :  Falcon Studios

Break out the champagne and the lube! Jeremy Penn returns to the Falcon stable - looking better than ever.


Sunbather Carlos Morales spies a brand burned into Cameron Fox's shoulder. Cameron explains it as the initiation mark of an elite order of men, earned through sexual trial. Carlos wants more, but Cameron won't speak until Carlos shows his worthiness. Indoors, Cameron throws Carlos onto the bed and begins playing with his ass. Carlos sucks Cameron's cock--devoting himself to Cameron's pleasure. When Carlos is relaxed, Cameron fucks him with intensity and vigor. As the final streams of orgasm coat Cameron's abs, he snaps a picture for the Order of the Falcon.
Brian McClaine is hard at work, stroking his cock--when aquarium guy Justin Dragon arrives. As Justin cleans the tank, Brian leers over Justin's tall muscled form. Soon Justin has Brian face up on the desk as he alternates between Brian's ass and cock. Brian throats Justin's cock eagerly. Ivan Andros walks in and joins the tryst?dividing his affections?taking both Justin and Brian deep into his throat alternately. Justin takes Ivan from behind and forces his cock deep inside. The lusty triumvirate continues to indulge their desires until each has surrendered to sexual release.
Carlos Morales and Ivan Andros find themselves in boots and jockstraps, surrounded by the erotic elite. Headmaster Jeremy Penn acquaints them with their challenge. The men dedicate themselves to his satisfaction--sucking, licking, and nibbling his cock. When he's felt their oral skills, Jeremy orders Justin Dragon and Jacob Hall to open their asses with a series of large toys. After observing these skills, Jeremy is satisfied. Next, Carlos and Ivan compete to satisfy the entire order...sucking cock, rimming the elite, and offering pleasure. Supplicants and members alike lose themselves in the glory of orgiastic abandon?pairing, melding, and dividing into a variety of erotic forms until each man has reached satiation.
As a full member of the order, the newest initiate enjoys his victory. First he devotes himself to his leader's cock. Jeremy beams as he's being sucked. Robert Balint enters the scene. The new recruit eagerly feeds on Jeremy and Robert's stiff cocks, taking one, then both in his mouth. Jeremy's ardor expands. He demands some ass and Robert obliges, lustily accepting Jeremy's quick, deep thrusts as he sucks the new recruit. The pace increases, the desire intensifies, and each man revels in the Order of the Falcon.

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