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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-10-22 |
Video taped through a crack in the toilet stall overlooking a row of genuine dorm pissers, about a dozen hot college boys go about their business unaware of the extra attention.  A few suspicious men look toward the camera, probably curious what someone is doing in the stall all the time!  A few are totally shy and others are more than happy to let it all hang out!  As this is in a dorm, you'll see several of the same handsome young men again and again, in various outfits and during different times of day, in different moods to exhibit.  I understand this is a Texas university.  Must be a wealthy one.  Check out the expensive time pieces and "Armani Exchange" clothes these boys are sporting!  This was shot about 15 years ago when video technology was much newer.  It's been transferred to VHS and now to DVD, so the quality is amateurish not professional, but the sites are very worthwhile!  I have a few similar I'll upload if the interest makes doing so worthwhile.  Hope you'll comment and let me know what you think!
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