LaughingOutLoudPictures - Hunter Tickled and Hunter Returns

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DescriptionDont miss out! Hold on to your hats boys. Heres one is for the record books. Meet 22 year old Hunter. Hunter was a really cool, intelligent, and comfortable guy who is hands down the most ticklish guy of the year on LOL. Hunter came in with a hat on and when we asked him to take it off he blushed, and pulled it off to reveal a ridiculous samurai haircut. Sorry, I last night and my buddies did..this. We told him no worries and strapped him into the bed. First, Hunter is tickled in his socks, which starts him laughing right away. He is already begging even before we take them off. Then we peel of his socks and tickle his bare size 12 feet which sends him into hysterical laughter. Next he is tickled with pipe cleaners, the fingers, and his number one enemy, the toothbrush. Hunter wails with laughter as he bucks and pleads and begs for the tickling to end. Next his feet are oiled up and Hunter screams and roars with laughter. He is pretty much brought to tears when his feet are tickled with the fork and brush. This poor guy is insanely ticklish. Next we get him on his knees and his armpits, chest, nips, ribs and bellybutton. All of which send him bucking and screaming at the top of his lungs. We got a noise complaint even though the rooms are soundproof. This was really torturous on poor Hunter. Too top it off, his buddy was there with him, and he really wanted to tickle Hunter too. The last clip his buddy is tickling him too and he reeeally lets Hunter have it. Hunter is shrieking with laughter and begs as much as he can with no mercy. LOL will definitely be bringing Hunter back for another shoot, if we can convince him!


We had so many great emails and comments about our model Hunter, that we had to ask him back! Hunter is tickled in various different positions and as always, Hunter starts shrieking with laughter right from the get go. In clip 1 he is tickled on his insanely ticklish feet through his socks, which still drive him completely up the wall. In Part 2, we oiled up his bare feet and hit him with every tickle tool we have. Hunter bucks and begs and laughs his ass off but we keep letting him have it. In Part 3 we get him on his way sensitive thighs, and chest where he really starts to lose it. No matter where you tickle Hunter, he goes completely crazy trying to get away. In Part 4, we flip Hunter over and tickled him on his feet face down. Poor hunter was really by this, because he had now way to control his extra sensitive feet and just had to mercilessly endure it. Part 5 our last clip, we blindfold Hunter and tickle him on his chest. He says at the end how much worse it was with the blindfold because he didn't know where he was going to be tickled. We then double team his feet and Hunter exhaustively roars with laughter. What a fun guy to tickle!

SeedBonus Appreciated (fixing my ratio). Also love to see your tickling clips, please share.
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