Brent Ray Fraser - Penis Painting Collection Volume 2

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DescriptionBorn January 24, 1979 notorious artist Brent Ray Fraser vividly remembers painting with his fingers at the innocent age of five. Since then his fascination with the human body has been a focus not only as art, but as a tool to create it. Fraser's provocative live performances, visceral abstract paintings, multimedia and photorealistic works are exhibited and collected throughout the world.An introvert from an early age, Fraser was insecure with his artistic gift. Requesting to pull his elementary classroom desk to the corner during art time led him to declining presentations though-out high school and into post secondary education. These unwanted traits ironically foreshadowed his artistic future.

In 2005 Fraser located and built his silo art studio in Langley, BC. This unordinary artistic sanctuary became the place where hundreds of painted works would emerge and would soon be called home.Fraser's first live performance entitled The Transitional Culture was exhibited at The Lamplighter in Gastown Vancouver, BC in late 2005. A project geared towards transforming his body from 235lbs to 190lbs in ten weeks. This pivotal live show brought him on stage for the first time, posing a highly conditioned physique in a traditional choreographed bodybuilding routine. A risky life threatening project to begin with, this process landed him in the hospital with severe edema the day following the show.
It also paved the way for many more controversial shows to date and catapulted Fraser's performance career.

In 2006 Fraser exposed himself even more by investigating the seductive art of the striptease. This taboo form of performance inspired him to incorporate it's provocative elements within his practice.In 2008 Fraser executed his second live performance entitled The Ecdysiast at The White Ocean Gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver. This was the first of many full monthly performances. Fraser later deemed this art form Ecdysiart: An interdisciplinary art form that investigates identity, sexuality and contemporary performance through a unique approach to painting that combines the art of the striptease.

Ironically, Fraser's naked behavior inspired a large body of fashion based work. With a mild stiletto obsession, Fraser sketched portraits of women in their favorite shoes. Following a Spring 2008 Flare Magazine article on his original drawings, Fraser was scouted by Louis Vuitton and commissioned for live shoe portraits across Canada of women in their favorite luxury shoes.In 2009, after graduated with a Fine Arts Degree from Emily Carr University, Fraser quit all non-art related jobs, moved into his renovated studio and focused entirely on his career. Armed, ambitious and motivated, Fraser, a self-taught painter, began branding himself, starting with his name. Brent Ray Fraser became initialed and from then on was known simply as BRF. He kick started his career with a massive one man show entitled Pret A Porter at the Eastwood Onley Gallery in Vancouver, BC. This exhibition blurred the lines between fashion and art with over 150 original painted works. His controversial vandalizing technique of dipping luxury hand bags and suit jackets in paint and pressing them against canvas gained BRF national media notoriety. The show traveled across Canada and was sold out within a few months.

Along the way Fraser perfected his natural style of painting and began performing live art at corporate events for hundreds of guests. At these functions, Fraser painted in a suit that would eventually be covered in paint. Also known for his wild theatrics, he would often perform as various characters such as Mr Deer, Officer Hardonski or several other humorous personae.

2010 started off with a BANG when BRF created an arsenal of photo-realistic paintings depicting guns with floral ammunition. In January 2013 these peaceful, yet controversial artworks would later travel across the border to hopefully counteract gun violence in the United States. This international art exhibition entitled The Gun Show, was held at the Mind Unwind Gallery in Seattle, WA.

From 2006 to 2012 BRF progressed in the erotic industry to became the most sought after male exotic dancer in BC. His unique and artistic style of stripping inspired him to create massive works of art with his erect penis. His notoriety expanded along with his fans.

In 2012 BRF took his practice to a new level by performing live guerrilla art in unauthorized public locations in Vancouver and around the world.

File list

1. Modern Man - An Artistic Nude Retrospect

File type: MP4
Size: 64.9 MB
Length: 12:41 (13 minutes)
Frame width: 640
Frame height: 480

2. Paints Rorschach Adagio #1

File type: MP4
Size: 539 MB
Length: 30:02 (30 minutes)
Frame width: 1280
Frame height: 720

3. Penis Paints Princess Diana & The Queen

File type: MP4
Size: 223 MB
Length: 12:28 (12 minutes)
Frame width: 1280
Frame height: 720

4. Penis Paints Ron Jeremy's Mustache During a Stage Performance

File type: MP4
Size: 70.5 MB
Length: 03:41 (4 minutes)
Frame width: 1280
Frame height: 544

5. Vancouver Fetish Weekend

File type: MP4
Size: 211 MB
Length: 11:11 (11 minutes)
Frame width: 1280
Frame height: 720

6. Wet Dream (Censored Teaser)

File type: MP4
Size: 26.4 MB
Length: 04:42 (5 minutes)
Frame width: 640
Frame height: 480

7. Penis Paints Live at the Taboo Sex Show in Vancouver 2014

File type: MP4
Size: 28.2 MB
Length: 04:36 (5 minutes)
Frame width: 640
Frame height: 426

8. Wet Dream

Here is the clip, as I promise to take a look at extremely close to his manhood. In this clip, we ca see him on wet dream voodoo fantasy with cumshot at the final. Enjoy!
Suggestion: You should watch the treaser clip first, to heat up the tention ;)

File type: MP4
Size: 87.6 MB
Length: 10:40 (11 minutes)
Frame width: 768
Frame height: 432

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