Brad Fitt, Jace Reed, Mike James, Ryan Olsen, Sven Laarson

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DescriptionScorchingly Hot Jacuzzi Threesome Turns Into A Five-Dicked Suck-&-Fuck-Fest - 720p

Brad Fitt: (born 1992), Slovak, 7.5 inches, 5'9'' height
Jace Reed: (born 1993), Czech, 8.7 inches, 5'11'' height
Mike James: (born 1993), Czech, 7.1 inche, 6' height
Ryan Olsen: (born 1991), Czech, 6.5 inches, 5'10'' height
Sven Laarson: (born 1995), Czech, 6.7 inches, 6' height

"There are always those who complain that the youth of today are obsessed with sex and have absolutely no morals – to which we reply, thank fuck! Otherwise we wouldn’t ever get to produce seriously hot escapades such as this five-guy Jacuzzi suck-and-fuck-fest, and you horny wankers wouldn’t get to enjoy them! Seriously, we defy anyone who enjoys gay porn not to get totally carried away by the antics here, which includes pretty much everything that you could ever possibly wish for.

A horny threesome, some terrific spit-roasting, an almost unbelievable pile-fuck, and copious quantities of jizz – which you’d no doubt have good reason to expect given that there’s five pairs of balls to relieve at the end of the scene – are just some of the breathtaking highlights as Mike James, Sven Laarson and Ryan Olsen are joined by Jace Reed and Brad Fitt for a watery manifest of man-sex at arguably its very best. Indeed, if the sight of these five lads rutting like a pack of horny bitches in season doesn’t get you reaching for your zipper and tugging on your dick then may we respectfully suggest that the time has probably come for you to give up watching hardcore action so that you can concentrate on alternative pastimes – knitting, perhaps, or walking the dog!

Jokes aside, we predict spunk stains aplenty as ass after ass gets stretched to the max by raw dick, culminating in a circle wank and a terrific geyser-like eruption from every boy on-set. No question about it, this is gold-standard adult-only entertainment that your aching cock will surely never ever tire of!"
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