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Original upload: 2011-01-08 |

~Ever wonder what a doctor's examination might lead to... beyond your wildest fantasies??? "Doctor's Orders" takes you there: a three-way Bukkake climax, literally drenching Alfredo in cum, followed by a 6 boyz orgy!

~Crisp DVD Conversion!

~DVD Bonuses Included!

~Color Corrected, Sharpened and Enhanced!

~Deinterlaced with new Deinterlacing technology!

~DVD Bonuses "Never Seen Scenes" and "Bloopers" included!

~Bonus Points Appreciated!
Title: Doctor's Orders
Studio: OTB
Label: Twink Acadamy Films / TeenManager Entertainment
Released: 2007
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (including DVD Bonuses of never before seen scenes and bloopers)
Frame Rate: 30fps (standard)
Country: Colombia
Director: Alex Chaves
Starring: Roberto Rodriguez, Pablo Garcia, Juan Moreno, Javier Baquero, Jesid Pombo, Alfredo Caycedo, Miguel Martinez, Ferdynan Carvajal, Alejandro Orejuela
Third and final video from OTB's "Twink Acadamy" series, and the now-defunct "TwinkAcadamyFilms.com". Now a discontinued DVD from OTB, perhaps this video will become a "collector's item" of sorts, in time. Prior videos were "Field Trip" (the first, and my favorite) and "Open Day". I processed this video at somewhat higher-than-normal bit rates, to keep the detail and resolution at their best, and minimize compression artifacts.
The original DVD video was INTERLACED, enabling me to create TWO versions of this video, for your enjoyment: a 30fps (standard) deinterlaced version, and a 60fps (double frame rate) deinterlaced version, for smoother movement.

This is the 30fps (standard) version, able to be played on a regular DVD player, TV or computer. A new motion-sensitive deinterlacer was fine-tuned, and employed to make this new video version significantly improved over the original version, and the results were excellent.

In addition, the original video was of excellent quality, so it only required significant color correction during the locker room scene, in an effort to give the orange boys a more natural look. Relitively minor color corrections (requiring 21 edited scene corrections) and minor sharpening, were performed throughout the remaining video.

The double frame rate 60fps version, should you desire smoother movement, for viewing on your computer, is available here:
Promotional Info:
"The renowned St Samuel's Academy, Bogota, faces one of the most serious threats in its illustrious history when a mysterious epidemic starts striking down the boys. Faced with the danger of parents taking their sons out of school, or even complete closure by the authorities, Headmaster Moreno resorts to desperate measures. He orders the Doctors to put all the afflicted boys in isolation while they work frantically on finding an antidote. And while they do so the quarantined boys in the school sanitarium show that their illness definitely hasn't affected their sex drives!"
Reviewed by: Corey Archer

Twink Academy has one of the cleverest concepts going in porn with its St. Samuel's Academy, a noble institution doing the good work of extending a "helping hand" to boys in need. It translates to a heady mix of remarkable Colombian twinks, boarding school and uniform themes, and doctor-patient and headmaster-student scenarios. It's all good fun and highly erotic, and Doctor's Orders manages to tease the viewer with most of those scenarios in scenes that feature outstanding messy cum shots from start to finish.

A mysterious epidemic has broken out in the academy, and Headmaster Juan Moreno, who keeps a giant dildo and some porn handy in his desk drawer, orders young doctors Pablo Garcia and Roberto Rodriguez to exercise any measures necessary to contain it, lest the school risking losing students or being shut down. The staff of St. Samuel's is known for its unorthodox practices, such as monitoring cameras in the dorm rooms and probing the boys' butts during extensive hands-on examinations. Before we see the docs in action, we're treated to an excellent scene between a couple of hotties fresh off the soccer field who demonstrate that their sex drives haven't been affected by the bug. Some hot rimming as they're spread out on a bench in the locker room leads to cute Jesid Pombo straddling the eager top, who then takes him doggy-style. It's a pleasant surprise when they trade positions and Pombo begins plowing the former top. The camera roves to find tasty angles as the boys make excellent use of the narrow bench in a scene with nice athletic uniform accents.

Cut to the medical office where the ailing Alfredo Caycedo has been sent for examination by Drs. Garcia and Rodriguez, and we have the makings of a lively three-way. Donning latex gloves and wielding lube, they cooperatively probe his anus and stroke his impressive slab of uncut twink cock. Rodriguez first taps the patient's ass while he blows the other doc. Garcia, who, for my money, is the sexiest of the cast, plows his associate, who then bounces on the patient's cock. Finally, insatiable Garcia pounds Caycedo from behind. There's another twink pairing in the doctor's office before the finale, a six-twink orgy in the infirmary with an inferno of sucking and fucking. The scene culminates with giant, jet-powered cum shots dropped across faces and tongues. With enthusiastic performances, exquisite young Colombians, great money shots and a solid DVD package, this one is good medicine for twink fans.

DVD Extras: Playable Worldwide, Scene Selection, Bonus Footage, Blooper Reel, Trailers, Twink Academy Introduction
(add'l promo info:)
The latest part in the highly popular (and extremely horny) Twink Academy series is here!

The Cutest Boyz in the World get their education at St. Samuel's Academy in Bogota, otherwise known as Twink Academy. Don't we all wish school had been like this for us?

Synopsis: The renowned St. Samuel's Academy, Bogota, faces one of the most serious threats in its illustrious history when a mysterious epidemic starts striking down the boys. Faced with the danger of parents taking their sons out of school - or even complete closure by the authorities - headmaster Moreno resorts to desperate measures. He orders Dr. Rodriguez and Dr Garcia to put all afflicted boys in isolation while they work frantically on finding an antidote.
Of course, as this is St. Samuel's, the two doctors can be relied upon to experiment with a wide range of stimulating - if unorthodox - treatments in their search for a remedy. And while they do so, the quarantined boys in the school sanatorium show that their illness definitely hasn't affected their sex drives!

A brilliant and beautiful cast makes this series so special. Its culminating scene, a 6-boy sex orgy makes you feel you're part of the action yourself. Kissing, licking, sucking, fucking and oodles of facial cumshots will keep you coming back to this fantastic feature again and again!

Extras include a hilarious blooper reel, deleted scenes and trailers!
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